Ashvin Gidwani’s “Two to Tango Three to Jive” Continues With Rivetting Performances on Stage

Ashvin Gidwani’s “Two to Tango Three to Jive” Continues With Rivetting Performances on Stage

Saurabh Shukla returns to theatre

14th October : NCPA

21st October : St Andrews

 “Two To Tango Three To Jive” the stage drama that marked the theatrical comeback of character actor Saurabh Shukla has been receiving an appreciative response from audiences all over the country.The play, produced by Ashvin Gidwani Productions has travelled to New Delhi, Chennai and —–, post its opening to a packed house last month.

“Two To Tango Three To Jive” is back again in Mumbai by popular demand. Its the rivetting performances of all protagonists in this blockbuster about mid life crisis, that has created a wave of positive “word of mouth” with more and more couples wanting to watch this “real” saga.

“Two To tango Three To Jive” will be staged at the Tata Theatre on Sunday 14th October and St Andrews Theatre on 21st October 2012.

” We have received a tremendous response to the play. Its a story that anyone post the age of 40 and in a relationship can identify with. While the topic may be full of serious emotion, it has been expressed with healthy doses of humour and spoofs, that keeps the audience in good spirits”, says Director Saurabh Shukla.

Each of us has a different way of dealing with a crisis. But how does Parminder Singh aka Saurabh Shukla, tangled in the web of mixed emotions and vexed choices, deal with his midlife crisis is the crux of this play. 

“Saurabh is a talented stage dynamo with all the creative genius to give audiences something to take home. He along with Nigaar Khan, Mona Wasu and Preeti Mamgain, has captivated viewers, delivering so much more than promised. Each viewer has left with an emotion that he / she has actually felt at some point in life” says Ashvin Gidwani, Producer AGP.

About “Two To Tango Three To Jive”

What “happens” when the proverbial midlife crisis knocks and then barges through the doors of mundane existence?

Protagonist SaurabhShukla  A.K.A “Parminder Sethi” is caught between continuing monotonous life and the enticing prospect of turning things around; this play chronicles Parminder’s journey as it ebbs and flows with practical, comic, ambivalent, confusing and passionate tides.
And what happens when three women enter the picture ie.Shomali,Rinky&Savita…complications galore or does his life takes another twist? For better or for worse!
What’s guaranteed is that these flaming personalities when thrown together in the cauldron of life where life turned up the heat…leaving things more complex than ever.

SaurabhShukla on his return to theatre says “Returning to Theatre, my first crush is filled with an exciting role which I relate to. Most of my friends have gone through these situations that come across as funny, sweet & yet with a message. The human emotions come to the fore in a way that touches a chord which connects with the audience. A theatrical experience in English and Hindi, for all those who love theatre, a passion that has been an integral part of my life.