Ashiesh Roy’s Surprise Birthday Party & Pics

It’s a well-known fact that actor Ashiesh Roy (Surendra of Sasural Simar Ka) is always laughing,cracking jokes, and keeping everyone in good spirits while shooting. His highspirits and jovial nature makes him unanimously one of the most popular andwell-liked members of the Sasural SimarKa cast – and his co-stars amply demonstrated their love for him byorganizing an impromptu surprise birthday bash for him at midnight on the 17th!“I had tears in my eyes, believe you me,” declares a visibly emotional Ashiesh.

The cast of both SasuralSimar Ka and Kairi had beenshooting together round-the-clock for over a week for some mahasangam episodes,and had already put in about 15 hours of work on the eve of Ashiesh’s birthday.“Everyone was quite tired and disoriented,” says Ashiesh. “No one looked in themood for my birthday celebrations – so I decided not to make a song-and-danceabout it.” But at midnight, when no one came to wish him on his birthday,Ashiesh admits he felt bad. Instead, an assistant director came to call him forhis shot. “Feeling a little sad, I walked on to the set and then, all of asudden, pandemonium broke loose! There were buntings streaming down, twobirthday cakes appeared magically, and everyone – the whole cast and crew of Sasural Simar Ka and Kairi were singing ‘Happy Birthday ToYou…’ for me. Even my best friend Jassi, who’s not part of either show, wasthere to wish me! I was speechless!”

Everyone broke into song and dance and generally did a lotof dhamaal while Ashiesh cut the cake and made sure everyone from the directorto the spot boys had a piece. “This has got to be the best birthday I’ve everhad!” declares Ashiesh. “Little did I know that behind my back, the gang hadplanned the party all along! Everyone knows that the Sasural Simar Ka team is a close-knit unit, but that night, I madea whole lot of new friends for life – thank you Jay, Rameshwariji, Hemaji, Roshnii, bhuvan, Bharat and all the lovely people of Kairi for making my birthday so special.”

Roy plans to host a special birthdaydinner for both the Sasural Simar Ka andKairi teams later in the week, “oncethe mahasangam madness is over”.