Arresting move for Percept Pictures’ ? EVENT DETAILS

Arresting move for Percept Pictures’ ? EVENT DETAILS

Percept Pictures’ ? worked towards bringing  awareness to the common man to exercise his voting rights, keeping their title in mind.

Promotors dressed as ghosts stood with placards of ? at various locations, urging people to find their own answers to the country’s problems with the right electoral representative.

It was no easy task, for, in the midst of electoral regulations, the young boys were even whisked away by policemen.

All the same, the socially conscious ones joined in, and the Percept Pictures team of directors Allyson Patel, Yash Dave and Yusuf Shaikh joined hands with sufi singer Mudasir Ali and ace RJ Jeeturaaj and went about still making a difference.

Wish there were more of their ilk.