Arjun Rampal Tweets the Truth!

Arjun Rampal Tweets the Truth!

While Arjun Rampal is busy with the promotions of his upcoming film “Inkaar”, the rumor mills seem to be working overtime, spreading baseless stories about him.

Arjun, preferring to keep away from such rumors, recently tweeted rubbishing the news on the  speculation about his equation with the Khans. The tweet stated, “Read a ridiculous article in  Mumbai Mirror. Absolute hog wash bullshit, advice to MM go play ur games elsewhere.Donk  journalism at its best”

The article referred to in his tweet was a  case of yet another over-enthusiastic journalism claiming that Arjun has taken sides in the alleged Bollywood ‘camps’.

Arjun has maintained that he doesn’t believe in camps and shares a great relationship with all  his co-actors.  The actor has always been open to working with everyone in the industry and has  never restrained from taking up good work on the basis of the equation he shares with them.

With such straight forward attitude towards work, Arjun Rampal surely put an end to all such  journalism gimmicks!!