Arjun Kapoor gets speechless after watching Laxman Utekar’s TAPAAL

Arjun Kapoor gets speechless after watching Laxman Utekar’s TAPAAL 

Bollywood’s latest heartthrob Arjun Kapoor was too overwhelmed after watching cinematographer-turned-director Laxman Utekar’s Marathi film TAPAAL.

Laxman Utekar has worked as a cinematographer for Arjun Kapoor’s upcoming film TEVAR.

Arjun goes gaga over TAPAAL. “I felt speechless after watching the film, as I was too overwhelmed. Laxman Sir ‘chhupe rustam nikle’. I didn’t know that such a good director was hidden in him. I have done an entire film (TEVAR) with him. He’s the cinematographer of that film. Not even once did he direct me or say anything, but TAPAAL is a very good film. The performances were very good. Such movies remind us that every time drama is not needed in a film. The real fun is in the simplicity,” he admits.

He further adds, “The movie has tapped different emotions like the story of a childless couple, a kid’s love story etc. This is a layered movie. It depends on how you perceive the film but the performances bring out all the emotions in you and I think the full credit for that goes to Laxman Sir.  Truly, Laxman Sir has made the film with all his heart. The conditions in which the film has been shot, is incredible and that is seen in the final product. And I would encourage each and every person to take out time and watch such a beautiful film.”

So did Arjun connect with the movie at any point in time?

“When you see a film, you relate to it at many levels. We all have parents and we all have people beyond parents with whom we share special bond. I’ve had Sanjay Kapoor and he’s been my uncle. But I’ve spent so much time with him, that for me he is like a father, a friend and a brother.”

Interestingly, while the main highlight of the film is the pain a childless couple goes through, it also shows the kid, Ranga Rao’s love story and his fantasy world.

Quiz Arjun whether he has had any crush in childhood and has he ever written a ‘Tapaal’ to anyone, just like Ranga Rao, and he reveals, “I would have had a crush, not one but many, in my childhood. But my handwriting is so horrible that I can’t read my own ‘Tapaal’. Now also when people take my autograph, I wonder why they are taking it because I myself don’t know whether they’ll be able to read it or no. So I haven’t written much letters.”

Also, of late Marathi films have been doing great and have been boasting of great content. Probe Arjun about it and he opines, “I always believe that cinema doesn’t have a language. If you can catch the emotion and the character right, then language is not a hindrance. It’s nice that Marathi cinema, regional cinema or for that matter any kind of cinema in our country are now getting its due. Punjabi movies, Marathi movies, South movies have always been very good and very encouraging towards the cinema and the future looks very bright.”

Produced by Maitreya Mass Media and distributed by Pickle Entertainment, starring the likes of Nandu Madhav, Veena Jamkar, Milind Gunaji, Urmila Kanetkar and introducing Rohit Utekar, TAPAAL is all set to release on 26th September 2014.


TAPAAL is National & International Award winning Marathi film set in a small village in the year 1977. It dwells with sympathy, concern and understanding on the bond between a little boy and a childless couple, and the social discrimination that they face.

Even before its release, Laxman Utekar’s directorial debut is creating the right buzz. It has been critically acclaimed and has even won various accolades & awards at different film festivals for its sterling performances. TAPAAL had its World Premiere at 18th Busan International Film Festival 2013, South Korea. It was selected in Indian Panorama Section at 44th IFFI (International Film festival 2013) and 9 other International Film Festivals as well. It was also screened at 3rd Eye Asian Film Festival and Pune Film Festival. That’s not all. Veena Jamkar bagged the best actress award at South Africa Film Festival. While Rohit Utekar won Best Child Actor Award, Prakash Holkar got the best lyricist award for his emotional composition ‘don disanchi sawali ‘ at the Maharashtra state film Awards.