Architectu​re & Bollywood

Ar. Karan Joshi after his innovative ideas of the vertical garden and succeeding in various other projects is now looking forward to his dream project which is nothing complicated like building an Eiffel tower or a Taj-Mahal but as simple, yet a dream, to Re-Design SRK’s ‘Mannat’. Karan Joshi has been a fan of King Khan and now by using his skills & talent, wants to show his love and respect for SRK and therefore he plans on converting Mannat with his magical hands to a ‘jannat’. Where SRK is the DON of Bollywood, Ar. Karan Joshi with his Architectural works is emerging as the DON of Architecture. Karan Joshi has undertaken various major projects in his hands and has successfully completed them attaining appreciation for it, therefore his works are known and famous today, especially after his creative idea of the vertically gardens, i.e. incorporating a garden in your house that is planted on the wall of your balcony, considering the spacing problems in a city like Mumbai. In a talk with Karan about his ideas that he has in mind to design King-Khan’s mansion he shared some of it with us telling us how and what he specifically would want to do with Mannat if he got an opportunity to renovate it, he told us “considering SRK and Gauri Khan are a perfect Example of a union of two different religions, therefore he would use this specific characteristic mixing it with the Hindu & Islamic architecture and portraying that in the House focusing on light and ventilation.” Also as SRK is a tech. fan the house shall be well equipped with the latest technology & Gadgets, then talking about the structure of the house that he wishes to keep very holistic and eco-friendly at the same time with a garden and various other techniques of slope terracing etc. Karan has always worked on making a house a home, and now wants to give his touch to his favorite actor SRK’s house, now let’s see how is this going to be.