Anurag Kashyap recalls taking the bullet for his team at Satya

Anurag Kashyap recalls taking the bullet for his team at Satya

Ace Director reveals being the “fall guy” during the making of Satya only on Bollywood@100 on HISTORY TV18

Anurag Kashyap the director of some of the most appreciated dark gangster-driven movies reveals that while writing the script of Satya, he was the fall-guy for the entire team in most situations. Recalling one of his most memorable moments during the movie making he reveals that music director, Vishal and the rest of team initially believed that the lyrics ‘Gham ke neeche bomb lagake gham udade’, would be more popular than ‘Goli Maar Bheje Mein’.

However, no one had the nerve to tell renowned lyricist, Gulzar saab about their thoughts. Eventually it was decided that Anurag who have to speak to the maestro and convey the message. With his usual bravado, the director went to the lyricist and told him about the team’s unanimous thought. On hearing him, Gulzar saab asked Anurag to first learn how to pronounce the word ‘Gham’ properly, and asked him to get out.

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