Anup Jalota celebrates his Birthday this Eid with pomp & Style

 Anup Jalota celebrates his  Birthday this Eid with pomp & Style

Bhajan Samrat Anup Jalota threw his Birthday bash this Eid amidst his family & friends.

Medha  and arman were with Anup jalota  the entire evening ,the cake was unique and had Anup jalota with harmonium on it


The Gala evening at a plush SoBo lounge turned out to be a musical soiree as the Ghazal maestros Anup Jalota and all sang along Kavita Seth ,

Anup Jalota & Talat Aziz ,Richa Sharma,

Talat Aziz, Rajeev mahavir,etc Jaspinder Narula

Sumeet Tappoo sang a beautiful old song which mesmerized the audiences .

The party saw the attendance of Shatrughan Sinha,

Amar Singh 

Shekhar Kapur, 

Satish Kaushik,

 Deepa Mehta, Ketan Mehta & Satish Kaushik, Richa Sharma, Jaspinder Narula,

Talat Aziz, Bina Aziz

& Amar Singh recited a poetry for Anup Jalota, Ravindra Jain ,

Talat Aziz, Ravi kissan, Kunika lal, Prashant Sharma, Malati Jain ,

Tabassum ,

Ketan Mehta and Deepa Mehta etc 

Shibani Kashyap & Rajiv Roda , Amy Billimoria designed the outfit for Anup jalota 

Anup Jalota celebrated his Birthday that fell on the auspicious day of Eid, he threw birthday bash like each year, this time bigger & better. Also it was one of the special birthday as Anup Jalota.

The party saw the attendance of Satish Kaushik, Ramesh Sippy, Hariharan, Richa Sharma, Jaspinder Narula,

Talat Aziz, Bina Aziz was seen weith Medha Jalot & many others.

Shatrughan Sinha, Ravi Kishan wishing Anup Jalota. It was a double delight for everyone present! All enjoyed with songs