This is with reference to the recent embarkment announcement made for the movie “Karbala”. The makers embarked on this journey with Pure intentions of sharing this what they believed to be as one of the Most Revered Events in the History of Mankind.

As is understood , this would have needed guidance and clearance from the highest quarters and at multiple junctures.

The initial process had started by referring to authentic narrations of Allama Al Tabari which are based on sources of Historian Abu Mikhnaf. As an ongoing process of authentication the largest Islamic Institute campus of Europe was in dialogue. Institutions in the sub-continent were to follow as a part of clearance process.

It was declared at the outset that No Faces of respected Ahle-Baith will be shown.The casting for other characters was to start with the HIGHEST CAUTION and due respect.

The prime objective of this Non-Commercial project was to use the Film medium to create awareness of this highly revered Supreme Sacrifice amongst the people.

However , based on the mixed reactions observed and maintaining the sincere intentions not to antagonise any individual or Organisation, the Filmmakers have Announced the shelving of the Project.

With Due respect it is decided that the making of this project is Stopped.

Sincere Thanks are offered to all concerned who had provided support and guidance in this process.