ANIL KAPOOR OVERWHELMED BY LION CITY


Each year, the Indian film industry looks forward to the Videocon IIFA Weekend and Awards, the most definitive awards show that honours the best talent from Indian cinema.  The much-awaited news about IIFA’s destination for this year has recently been broken and it is none other than Lion City – Singapore. Actors Anil Kapoor and Bipasha Basu graced the announcement press conference in the dynamic metropolitan.

Having travelled with his wife who was there for treatment for her back, Anil Kapoor expressed his affinity toward the great city on a breakfast show called LIVE AM the next day where he spoke about how the city had always held a special charm for him where his daughter also lived as a student.


Talking about how he actually envied the city he said, “Let me tell you one thing about Singapore… this is the kind of world we must have. Whatever I’ve heard and whatever I’ve imagined, Singapore is that. It is the epitome of everything”. Talking on the success of IIFA 2004 which was also held in Singapore he said that IIFA 2012 promised to be even bigger, better and more spectacular than ever before.


The Videocon IIFA 2012 celebrations will be held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium from the 7th till the 9th. Speaking about the success of the 13 year long legacy of IIFA, Anil Kapoor said “IIFA is something very special. It’s an award which travels to various countries. I have no words to really express it, you have to experience it”.

Having been to several IIFA’s with his family, Anil Kapoor has been an avid supporter of the institution that IIFA has become. “It’s a celebration. It’s a bouquet of so many things. Of course there is the award ceremony, there is fashion, there is glamour, there are workshops, there is networking, you just name it, it’s everything under one [roof],” Kapoor continued. It’s like Oscars meeting Cannes (the Cannes International film festival).”