An interview of Will Smith about his upcoming movie Men in Black 3

Not a single missed beat in Josh’s acting : Will Smith

The fans of Men in Black franchise often associate the film with one name

– a rookie, rebel yet funny character played by Will Smith, that of Agent J.

Now that the third movie in the trilogy is back to entertain the audience, this

character of J is sure to create buzz amongst the Indian fans of the actor.

Talking about the movie of Sony Picture’s which will be releasing in 3D all

over India on May 25th , Smith says, “I have to figure out how to articulate it

but “Men in Black” is in 3D. It is supposed to be the movie that lives in that

kind of world. It adds emotionally, it adds comedically, it transports you in a

way that some movies take you out of. It’s absolutely perfect. And it’s about

Time travel, aliens, monsters and most importantly about the relationship

between Agent J and K! With this film the relation between the two agents

grows much much stronger.”

The third movie in the franchise returns after a gap of 10 long years and

according to Smith it was the concept and the characters that needed this

maturity period. “What we had to do was elevate the story, and the only

way to do that is to go deeper, deeper into the characters, deeper into the

revelations that the movie would reveal,” he adds.

The USP factor of the MIB movies, Smith says, has always been what Barry

does. “A hundred feet in the background of a shot is something that’s going

to be the eighth time you see the movie before you see the person from the

60s he put on the screen – he does all those kinds of things, if you go frame by

frame there’s tons of jokes and political satire and all kinds of stuff that he’s


Smith seemed excited as he spoke about the Black suit, “You can’t beat the

black suit,” he said. The powerful, iconic imagery created by the suit has been

instilled in the minds of the audience as much as it has become a part of the

actor’s life! “The seven-year-old boy in me comes running out when I put the

black suit on.”

The film which releases on 25th will be Smith’s very first 3D movie. Smith

expressed his concern over the fact that the 3D effect would make his already

large features look larger on screen! Large or not, Smith is sure to be the


only focal point of the movie as he takes a time jump to save the life of his

only friend and partner Agent K and save the planet earth from the wrath of

criminal alien Borris.

Talking about the USP of this movie in particular Smith says, “The thing I

really love is the retro aliens. I thought that was an absolute stroke of genius.

The aliens are designed from the science fiction perspective of the 60s. You

know, Ray Bradburry, Isaac Asimov, “Star Trek” on TV, you know what I

mean. Rick Baker designed each alien with that very awkward, peculiar sense

of humor from the 60’s sci-fi perspective. The aliens capture a texture, a

wonderful sense of humor, and a clever inventiveness that lends itself to this


Josh Brolin who plays the character of young agent K was apprehensive

initially about his acting out Tommy Lee Jones as K. But how does Smith

rate him for it? Smith says, “There’s a certain rapport or repartee that you’ll

develop with an actor and that becomes your timing, how you create. Josh had

studied Tommy so well that there wasn’t a single missed beat when Josh came

in. It was almost the identical chemistry, which is very difficult to come by.”

Critics have already predicted the movie to be yet another Blockbuster hit. But

according to Smith the concept of “Men in Black” will stand out in the history

of world cinema. “As far as a concept for a movie, a group of secret agents that

police and monitor alien activity on and off of the planet Earth, in the grand

scale of comedy – there’s nothing that you can compare to the “Men in Black“,

he signs off.