An interview of Actor/Prod​ucer Aushim Khetarpal

“Every human wants to alleviate himself on spiritual level”

saysAushim Khetarpal !

Every person’s life is shaped by the way they look at it. One such person who has alleviated to spirituality by getting through with the tough times is Actor –Producer Aushim Khetarpal. A well-known media persona as he; was caught in real dreadful situations that life tossed at him.

Following are some excerpts from the interview where Aushim discusses his future ventures and how he managed to spin the ball around and turn the goglies life threw at him.

There have been quite a few movies that you have done yet you have managed to make a mark and draw the audience appreciation towards it, what do you have to say about that?

Well, if you put dedication and hard work in whatever task you do, you will make a mark no matter what! Any human if loves the job he does than he will be appreciated for it.

However, in your case there have been tough times when you were accused in the match fixing case.

Yeah, I was accused in match fixing, but who doesn’t have to face accusations? At some point in your life you too have been accused for something. All I can say about that case is that it was just a bad phase of my life which has now receded. However, that too has given me a priceless lesson which has made my life far more peaceful and better.

We heard that you were planning to make a film on this real life incident of Match fixing, is it true?

Yes, I was planning to make a movie called “Om Allah” with me as the lead playing myself and with Meera ,the Pakistani actress playing the role of Pakistani journalist. The concept of the film was how I –Aushim Khetarpal – who got trapped in match fixing scam turns to spiritual guru Sai Baba and how he becomes a saint. However, due to some issues I could not complete the movie. The concept of the movie is very good and will try to complete it sooner.

Talking about your movie “Shirdi Sai Baba” that won you the President of India’s national integration award, did you think that this movie will get you such a prestigious award?

Presidential award is a huge honor but I never made this movie with the intention of bagging an award. And Shirdi Sai deserves much more than a award. None of us can weigh his graces with an award. However, it was Sai’s wish that I be presented with this honor and I am very thankful for the love he bestows upon me.

However, the film “Come December” that you have done doesn’t seem to suit your image of present day, why so?

The movie “Come December” was made way back in 2006 and was based on the LGBT community where a film maker detected with HIV positive makes a film on the lives of HIV positive people from the LGBT community. The plight of the people from this community has struck a chord with the public now. However, we made the attempt to change public mindset about gays, lesbians, bi -sexual and transgender with this film in 2006. This movie might be pretty bold be it did carry a message which the Indian audience could not grasp. However, this film won Best Story award at Indianapolis LGBT Film Festival.

After tackling such bold issues you have suddenly switched to making movies on Spirituals gurus, why so?

Every human wants to alleviate himself on spiritual level. Whatever our efforts, all are directed towards our spiritual upliftment. And it’s not a switch from bold to spiritual because spirituality is all there is. It is present, was present and will be present. I just do the work of weaving the stories of these saints in an audio- visual format and reach them to the public. It is almighty’s plot and he makes me work on it. And I am very happy to carry out such noble feats.

Your upcoming film Baba Ramsaa Peer again is based on the life of a spiritual guru, what is this film all about?

The film depicts the life History of the most revered princely saint from the western coast who was the first to spread the message of Hindu-Muslim unity in the 14th century. Hindus lovingly called him ‘BABA’ and Muslims called him ‘PEER’, the name given to him by five Persian peers who had visited India in that era and hence the name ‘BABA RAMSAA PEER’

This film will also feature well-known actress Gracy Singh, how was it working with her ?

Oh! Gracy is totally committed and dedicated to her work. She is a fabulous actor and it was a pleasure working with her.