An exclusive English interview of actor Rushad Rana

An exclusive English interview of actor Rushad Rana

Thecharacter of Satyadharm is somewhat like me- Rushad Rana

Working past 25 years in the television industry, Rushad Ranahowever is still known by many as the famous, cute, chocolate boy ‘Raghav’ fromthe hit TV serial ‘Hip hip hurray’.

He has also worked in many films, apart from various TV serials.‘Upanishad Ganga’ one of his latestserials, will commence from 11th March every Sunday at 10 am.On interviewing him we gathered the following.

Firstly, tell us about your character in Upanishad Ganga.

This serial actually takes off from my character. Satyadharmreturns to Indiafrom the States to learn about the teachings of Upanishad, for which he has toleave behind his fun and frolic lifestyle and totally dedicate himself inlearning about Upanishad.

How did Upanishad Ganga happento you?

I was actually told about this by a friend of mine that I met ina wedding. He asked me to audition for a particular role the next day, but thenit turned out that I would have to shave off my head which I couldn’t as I wascommitted to other roles in various serials. So that’s how the other character,that of Satyadharm happened to me.

How was the experience of working with Dr. Chandra PrakashDwivedi?

It was great working with him. I had wanted to work with himsince a very long time now. I’m glad I got to be directed by this talentedpersonality. Apart from him I also enjoyed working with Vishva Vadola.

Tell us about any memorable incident while shooting forUpanishad Ganga.

I only had to shoot for 3 to 4 days. The shooting was in Benarasand the beauty of that place is very different and enriching.

Tell us about your journey from Hip Hip Hurray to Upanishad Ganga.

The journey has been very fulfilling. I did not take any formaltraining for acting, all that I picked up as an actor were through the variousserials and films that I did. After hip hip hurray, I continuously worked for 6to 7 years. I got the opportunity to work with Dr. saab, Aditya Chopra, NikhilAdvani, Satyajit Bhatkal and various other directors that I feel lucky aboutand am grateful for.

If hip hip hurray is made again, which character would you liketo play?

I would love to play Raghav again.

Will the youth be able to relate to Upanishad Ganga?

Yes, I think the youth will be able to connect to it. The mannerin which the director, Dr. Chandra Prakash Dwivedi has portrayed it, is veryinteresting. And I also feel that the youth today should know about our vastculture and history.

Upanishad must’ve required you to speak in pure hindi dialect.It must’ve been a little challenging for you?

No, not at all. I always converse in Hindi and it is ournational language, one should at least know some of it.

You have worked in various films like Dor, Veer Zara, Sarkar,Super Star, Rab ne Bana di Jodi, Tasveer, Ye Faasle, and Mod. What do you lookinto before signing any film?

When signing for a film, I don’t look at the length of the role.Even if I get two scenes which are good then I don’t mind doing it. Recently myfilm Yeh Faasle was released in which I played the main lead but it was notsuccessful. That has taught me a hard lesson. To go for the substance ratherthan the length of the role.