Amit Sadh makes most of the Skiing experience while in Gulmarg !

Amit Sadh makes most of the Skiing experience while in Gulmarg !

​Amit Sadh learns skiing in Gulmarg

Amit Sadh is quite passionate about traveling and never misses any opportunity to unwind on his high-end bikes scouting scenic locations.

The adventure junkie who loves trekking and climbing the hills is currently stationed in Gulmarg (Jammu & Kashmir) taking skiing lessons and learning the sport.

Amit has opted for a 4-day beginner course and is being trained by the professional trainer Fayaz. Interestingly, the talented actor who used to hate skiing because of the falls earlier is now eager to catch on with the sport and take it to the advanced level.

​Amit Sadh learns skiing in Gulmarg!

He says, “I used to go for skiing with my father when I was a kid! Now, it’s like re-introducing myself to skiing, it’s a great sport. I am doing a 4-day beginner course right now. I’ve had a few falls but they say in skiing, falling is a part of leaning. It is also very essential to do and learn the basics very well, since I am skiing after a long time. I’m getting trained under Fayaz, who is on the national team and very skilled and a great trainer.”

“This is season’s last snow and from April the snow will start melting! I aim and hope to be back soon and make more trip and brush up my skill for advanced slopes. Since I have spent a lot of time in the hills, my first love is climbing and mountaineering. Skiing takes a lot of patience and mental alertness. I told Ramu sir (Ram Gopal Varma), that I am of to skiing. He said, ‘please come back in one piece. We have a film to release and promote,’” adds Amit.

Talking about Gulmarg, he says, “This is one of the most beautiful places in our country. The people here are beautiful, helpful and very warm. They work very hard battling the cold and making conditions safe for tourists and skiers. ​