Ali Zafar announces international film on his birthday

Ali Zafar announces international film on his birthday

Ali Zafar, who has always expressed his desire to produce a feature film, has finally announced his plan of producing an Urdu-English bilingual, ‘Deosai’ on his birthday.

On his birthday (May 18), Ali Zafar has proudly announced his plan of producing and acting in a feature film titled Deosai. The action drama is set in Deosai, the second highest plateau in the world. To be shot on real locations, Deosai is set to go on floor by the end of summer 2015 and is scheduled to release in theatres internationally by the mid of 2016.

Imran Babur, one of Pakistan’s most respected names in visual story telling will be directing the film. “Having worked intensely in the northern areas, I fell in love with the idea and story Ali shared with me. It’s an extremely powerful story and I am excited and honoured to be a part of this project,” says Imran.

Talking about the film, Ali informs, “Being an artist who likes to discover the intricacies of various art forms, and experience his relationship with them, for me venturing out into creating a feature film is a most thrilling beginning. The movie revolves around two female protagonists and talks about their journey. ”

“I love the mountains and can’t wait to visit and shoot in all those breathtaking locations. Deosai is also known as the land of the Giants. I am most excited and feel lucky to have found a great director and team who have the talent and experience to translate this dream into an inspiring reality,” Ali adds.

After Deosai, the unit will be flying to Europe where other portions of the film will be shot. “I wanted to play my part in the revival of our local cinema industry and make films that are not just avant-garde in their narrative and aesthetics but also mean something, films that can make a difference and are remembered for a long time for their content besides aiming to be successful commercial ventures. All this while I waited for that right intuition and idea for my first film as an actor producer and I’m extremely happy with the way it has shaped up,” reveals Ali.