Album launch of “Tera Bayaan Ghalib” (6th set)

Album launch of “Tera Bayaan Ghalib” (6th set)

The Letters and Ghazals of Mirza Ghalib with Jagjit Singh and Gulzar


Saregama, India’s flagship Music and Entertainment Company launches TERA BAYAAN GHALIB- Letters and Ghazals of Mirza Ghalib with recitation by Gulzar Saab and music & ghazals by late Jagjit Singh.

The album was launched at hotel Novotel, and Anup Jalota, Rekha Bharadwaj, Bhupinder & Mitali Singh, Talat Aziz & Raageshwari were present

The album begins with a poem by Gulzar Saab which he wrote as a personal tribute after Jagjit Singh passed away. With Gulzar saab reading portions of letters of Ghalib as preludes to Ghazals, the album is a tribute dedicated to fond memories of Jagjit Singh.

1987 was the year when Gulzar Saab made a TV serial on Mirza Ghalib, the legendary Urdu poet. Inspite of having several veterans and upcoming composers and singers, Gulzar Saab opted for Jagjit Singh. The inspired composer – singer reached new heights in this serial with his soulful rendition of the master poet. Jagjit Singh provided his unique vocal stamp to become the voice of Ghalib like no one before.


In 2011, Jagjit Singh turned 70 with one of his wishes, which was to revisit Ghalib and create a new album that should be something more than just compilation of his Ghazals.

After several meetings, the stage shows of Salim Arif namely Ghalibnaama provided the answer which is a culmination of portions of Ghalib’s letters and his Ghazals. Salim Arif was invited to conceive and script this album. Urdu Letters of Ghalib written to his numerous friends, pupils and benefactors became a ready source to provide a glimpse into the personality of Mirza Ghalib. This heritage of Urdu literature constitutes a body of work that documents his times and concerns as well as throws light on his state that leads to his poetic manifestations. Gulzaar saab is the voice of Ghalib in this album.


The album that was to be a celebration of Jagjit Singh’s 70th year – what was conceived as a commemorative album with a concert in Ballimaran house of Ghalib on his birthday in old Delhi in December end 2011,has now become a humble homage and tribute to him.

Mr. Adarsh Gupta – Business Head, Music, Saregama states “Mirza-Ghalib is considered to be the father of Modern Urdu prose and the unparalleled icon of poetry. This album has two iconic legends of our times, Jagjitji and Gulzar Saab creating an experience devoted to the legacy of Ghalib. With Jagjitji’s everlasting music and voice and Gulzaar saab reciting Ghalib’s works, TERA BAYAAN GHALIB, is an absolute must for all the ghazal afficandos”


Priced at Rs.300/- this album is available nationally at all leading stores and can also be directly purchased form Saregama website:


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