Akbar to be crowned as Prince

Akbar to be crowned as Prince


BIG Magic’s magnum opus historical show Akbar has gained tremendous popularity since its launch. The show has been receiving positive feedback from viewers and critics alike, while garnering competent viewership. In the upcoming episodes we will get to see Akbar being crowned as the Prince, which will mark as one of the highpoint of the show.

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In the previous episodes we have seen how Mahamanga’s husband joins hands with Kamran to trap Akbar. Taking the storyline ahead, the viewers will witness that Akbar who was told since childhood that his parents are dead, is astonished but at the same time happy to see them alive. Humayun along with Hameeda come as a savior for Akbar who is tied to a canon by Kamran. As the truth unfolds, Akbar is in a state of shock to know about Kamran’s evil plan against him.

Though hurt by the malevolence plotting, Akbar plans to forgive Kamran as he believes in giving people a second chance in life. Akbar’s act of kindness gets him crowned as the Prince and his savior father Humayun being crowned as the Emperor.

Furthermore the track will reveal, Akbar to resurrect hanuman temple in support to the Hindus. Kamran who has an evil eye on Akbar gets him arrested by getting an illegal document signed by Humayun stating – whoever resurrects the temple will be put behind the bars.

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How will Akbar save himself from Kamran’s vice plans? Who will lend a helping hand to Akbar and get him a bail from the jail? To know how the story unfolds, tune into Akbar every Monday to Friday at 7pm only on BIG Magic!