Agent Vinod obliges fans

Fans gathered in hundreds to catch a glimpse of Agent Vinod aka Saif Ali Khan as he visited Carter Road ,Bandra to treat one of his fans to an Agent Vinod style bike ride .

Chaos broke out as locals mobbed the actor ,obstructing the ongoing traffic for which added security was summoned .With the sudden turn of events Saif felt it best to call off the activity .However not disappointing his fans ,the actor extended an invitation to interact with them at his home.

Says a source “Saif was to take an ardent fan on a bike ride on a street in the suburbs .However as soon as people realized he was there chaos broke out and traffic was hauled. Being the law abiding citizen that he is,Saif suggested calling his fans to his house instead “.

The actor will soon be seen playing the suave and sleek Agent Vinod in Illuminati’s spy thriller directed by Sriram Raghavan,also starring Kareena Kapoor.Out at a theatre near you on the 23rd March,2012.