Afsaaney Sartaaj De’, perfect blend of modern Sufi music and traditional lyrics

Afsaaney Sartaaj De’, perfect blend of modern Sufi music and traditional lyrics


Sufi music icon is back with his new album after 2 years

–  A part of the CD’s sale will be donated to a Cancer NGO

Chandigarh,  The modern Sufi icon of Punjabi music, Dr Satinder Sartaaj released his much awaited music album ‘Afsaane Sartaaj De’ at Chandigarh Press Club.The release has put an end to the two year long wait for the millions of fans worldwide who were brought back into the fold of good literary poetry and meaningful music by the songs of Dr Sartaaj. A part of the total sale of the CD will be donated to ‘YouWeCan’ NGO, founded by Cricketer Yuvraj Singh for the welfare of cancer patients.

‘Afsaane Sartaaj De’ continues the trend set by this singer through his earlier albums of rejoining the listeners to traditional folk and Sufi style music along with touching the emotional cords of the listeners through present day issues. The ten songs in this album touch issues from different walks of life and the listeners can associate themselves with most of the songs. While the lyrics are simple and clean, the music and composition gives a traditional touch.

Talking about the new release, Dr Sartaaj said, “The title song ‘Soohe Khat’ is dedicated to the pre-independence Punjab and the lyrics are a tribute to the true love prevailing in the land of poets. While ‘Kudiyo Roya Na Karo’ is a song with very touching emotions and encourages the girls not to suppress their dreams and become strong in the present times.”

The video of the first song, ‘Soohe Khat’ would be the first one to hit the various channels and the others would follow. ‘Putt Saade’, another song with very emotional lyrics is bound to bring a tear or two in the eyes of people who have gone abroad for greener pastures and their families who are left behind and long for their physical presence next to them. The song is a compilation of a list of questions of the parents who inquire about the various dreams with which their kin had flown abroad.

Another marvelous song composed with traditional lyrics and music is ’Maula Ji’. It is a prayer by a helpless man who has been entangled by the miseries of the world and longs for a life free of complexities. Contrary to this, the song ‘Khillara’ is an attempt to remind a person of his duties who has lost track of them while fulfilling his personal greed. At the same time Sartaaj reminds us the importance of a cleaner and greener environment through his song ‘Drakhat’ (Trees).

In his own lyrical style, Dr Sartaaj has dedicated another song’ Jang Jaan Wale’ as an ode to those soldiers who knowingly go out to war to protect the people of their motherland even though they know that they might have to pay the ultimate price of their own lives for the task. The other three songs, ‘Khidari’, ‘Dard Gareeban Da’ and ‘Aakhari Appeel’ also throw light on different shades of life and are melodious to an amazing level.

Sartaaj first gained fame with his hit song “Sai” and “Cheerey Waaleya”. Since then his popularity has seen a constant surge among the Punjabi diaspora with his shows being held in many countries across the world. Sartaaj attained global recognition with his first Canada Tour in 2009 in which he performed in 18 sold out shows in big cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Edmonton and Calgary. Next he moved and gave his performance in the United States in 2010 and 2011 and performed in major cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington DC and 16 other cities.

He gave live performances in Australia and New Zealand in 2009 and 2011. Sartaaj was highly appreciated during his 2011 tour of Europe in which he performed in Italy, Germany, Norway, Austria, Greece and Sweden. He performed in sold out shows in UK in 2010 and 2012.During his tours Sartaaj was honored at state and national parliaments in Canada and legislative assembly in California, USA. He has also been bestowed with prestigious awards like “Waris Shah da Waris”, “Glory of India award” and “Golden global Indian award”.

Born in Bajrawar village of Hoshiarpur, Sartaaj did his schooling from the government schools in his village and the nearby villages Chabbewal and Patti. He started performing on children’s stages by the time he was in class 3. After that, he joined Government College, Hoshiarpur to complete his graduation in Music with Honours. He also joined Sangeet Visharad, a five year diploma in classical music from Jalandhar.

Sartaaj did his M.A. in Music. He concentrated on his sufiana musical career having done his M. Phil in Sufi music singing and later a doctorate under a Topic of Sufism  from Panjab University, Chandigarh. Sartaaj also completed a Certificate Course and Diploma in Persian language. It was in , during his study he also started writing poetry and adopted his Takhallus (poetic name) Sartaaj. Dr. Sartaaj has taught to Master classes at the Department of Music in Panjab University in Chandigarh for six years.

The album is a combined effort of an in house production named ‘Firdaus Production’ and the world renowned distributors Eros Entertainment. The CD pack itself shows that the effort into this project is tremendous. Each copy of the CD has a booklet which includes an English translation of each song and also accompanied by pictures of Dr Sartaaj which go with the theme of the song.