Adventurous Malhotra on an adrenaline walk

Adventurous Malhotra on an adrenaline walk


Did you know that Auckland’s Bridge Climb is the only bridge climb in New Zealand? The urbane man, Sidharth Malhotra was lucky enough to enjoy an adventurous walk and cherished the mesmerizing view with every step he took on the bridge.


While conversing with his local guide, Sidharth learnt about the Maori terms used to describe things in New Zealand such as Waitemata which means sparkling waters, and that name fits perfectly for this beautiful harbour. Stunned by the beauty of the place, Sidharth exclaimed, The view from the bridge is breath-taking. It is a great way to see Auckland in all its glory. I now know the reason why they call this city ‘The City of Sails’. This backdrop is perfect for a Bollywood movie.

We wonder if Sidharth already has a script in mind for the same!

Auckland Bridge Climb

Auckland’s Bridge Climb is New Zealand’s only bridge climb.

AJ Hackett Bungy provides the only walking access onto this Auckland landmark, complete with your very own tour guide to share with you the Bridge’s secrets and amazing architectural features.

Custom engineered walkways provide a safe, stylish and enjoyable experience while gently curving arches ensure this easy-going walk is suitable for all ages.

Auckland Bridge Climb is part of the AJ Hackett Bungy New Zealand collection which includes the world’s first commercial bungy operation, The Kawarau Bridge Jump in Queenstown.