Aditya loves visiting Mohammad Ali Road

Aditya loves visiting Mohammad Ali Road

Aditya Roy Kapur

Aditya Roy Kapur seems to be keeping a secret. News is Aditya incognito loves visiting the iconic place located on the streets of Mohammad Ali Road.

The actor loves and relishes the several varieties of dishes that one gets at this popular street of Bombay. Whenever time permits, the actor makes it a point to visit the street at least one Friday a month.

Usually post midnight, Aditya drives down to street accompanied with a few friends and they binge on all the dishes. It has now become almost a routine for the actor.

Aditya loves the ambiance and the set up of the street, the entire local feel of the place doesn’t help one but to go and visit the street as and when they can.

When contacted, Spokesperson confirmed the news and added, “Aditya enjoys the food and the ambiance that Mohammad Ali road provides, usually post midnight he drives down to relish on the delicacies”