Adah Sharma joins Shreyas Talpade in upcoming thriller ‘The Game of Girgit

Adah Sharma joins Shreyas Talpade in upcoming thriller ‘The Game of Girgit
Produced by Gandhar Films and Studio Pvt Ltd, directed by Vishal Pandya, Adah to portray the role of a cop in the thriller !
Riding high on the success of ‘The Kerala Story,’ Adah Sharma is all set to announce her next big project, ‘The Game of Girgit’ produced by Gandhar Films and Studio Pvt Ltd. Starring Shreyas Talpade in the lead role along with Adah Sharma, the film is loosely based on the infamous ‘Blue Whale Game’ that became extremely popular amongst the youngsters in recent times. The youth across the globe was incessantly hooked to the game and it became a major point of discussion as it led to various hazardous events and deaths that took place due to the ‘The Blue Whale’ challenge that was associated with the game.
Speaking about her role, Adah Sharma says, “I play a cop in Bhopal in The game of Girgit. The film is based on an app called the blue whale app. The game on the app is a series of tasks which finally leads to self harm or harming someone else once one has taken the assignment there is no way out. I’m solving the case. I’ve played a cop before in Commando. Bhavana Reddy got very popular. Gayatri Bhargav is a very different cop. It’s fun to play a cop but differently this time.”
Speaking about the film, protagonist Shreyas Talpade said, “The plot of the film is extremely interesting and that intrigued me to be associated with the film. The Game of Girgit is being directed by Vishal Pandya and I’m really looking forward to this journey, the thriller also has a powerful message that we strongly feel should reach the audiences, especially the kids and the youngsters of the nation.”
Helmed by Vishal Pandya, the film will star Adah Sharma in an extremely unconventional role wherein she’ll be headlining the role of a police officer in the film. After ‘The Kerala Story’, Adah Sharma will be seen in ‘The Game of Girgit’, which also holds a strong narrative and is inspired by true events. Talking about the same, Vishal says,” The Game of Girgit is a story of today’s generation where the young kids have adopted friendship apps on mobile as their friends with whom they share all their private life without knowing what problem they are getting into. Shreyas Talpade plays a app developer who takes advantage of this vulnerable kids & Adah who is a cop, investigates the cases of kids committing suicide & how her own closed one becomes a victim. Now the challenge to catch Girgit is not professional, now it gets personal.”