Actress Bhumika Chawla’s favourite monsoon tracks


Monsoons are here, a season of romance and a season to fall in love. If not for love andromance the rains would only mean dirt and murk. Recently we spoke to the TereNaam girl and she shares with us her love for the season. She enjoys thesoft weather with a hot cup of coffee and her favorite songs that enrich theexperience as she looks out at the sea from her Juhu residence. She says sheloves the portrayal of monsoons in our films.

Sodoes she actually “feel” the romance in the rains? What are her favoritemonsoon tracks? A slow smile spreads across her face as she replies, “What alovely season it is- the monsoons! I feel like drenching in every drop of therains. But since that is not always possible I drench myself into the lovelysongs and monsoon music our industry has to offer! Such lovely numbers andthere are so many of them but a few favorite picks of mine would be “RimjhimRimjhim” from “1942 a love story”. Anil Kapoor and Manisha Koirala romancing inthe rains, just too beautiful! Also the “Bhage re man kahin” song from film“Chameli” in the voice of Sunidhi Chauhan is a treat to ears and to top it,Kareena looks dazzling in the picturisation of the song. Kishor da and Latadidi’s song “Rimjhim Gire sawan” is still a famous number amongst the audienceand is my favorite as well. And the song “Bheegi Bheegi raaton main” is a hearttouching song without this romantic song rainy season becomes dull. And yetanother song which is close to my heart is the song picturised on Big B andlate Smita Patil “Aaj rapat jaye to”. The chemistry between Smitaji and Amitjiis just too picture perfect!”

Havinghad now, a thorough knowledge about Bhumika’s favorite tracks for the monsoon,what will be your pick for season?