Actor Michael Ealy intrv Underworld Awakening

Underworld Awakening – The most exciting 3D film!


Michael Ealy who plays Sebastian in the latest film Underworld – Awakening of the Sony Pictures which is soon to release in theatres near you, opens up about his experience while working with the successful franchise of Underworld series.

He’s excited about all the action and explosion in the film, as it was a great opportunity for him to go in a scifi world and do as much action as he possibly could while still being human!


Exploring a little about his character ‘Sebastian’ in the film, he says, “there is a certain amount of resistance and rebellion in him that I love, as the best thing in his life was taken away from him. I like the different layers of the character.”

The direction which is the crucial part of any action film is done by Mans Marlind and Bjorn Stein from Sweden. Michael Ealy was the closet to these two on the sets, “They just switched and alternated days, so they were the closest two guys on set with a common vision. And they never got tired because in a way they each had two or three days off every week!”


Written by Len Wiseman and John Hlavin, this 89 minute film of Sony Pictures is in 3D, which adds to the total experience of watching the film. Talking about the pace of this action film Michael adds, “Oh man, it is fast! And it’s more graphic than the other ones I’ve seen. I loved it! It’s everything a vampire/werewolf movie should be. It made the gore, the explosions and all the action components much more vivid to me. I jumped up from my seat a couple of times because I thought some things were going to hit me! And it kind of made it look more like a graphic novel that was coming right off the page. I think all these films belong in 3D now.”


Everybody seems to be secretly obsessed with vampire lore these days. Let’s see what this has in store for us.