Actor Hrithik Roshan inspires us with his new Fitness film

Actor Hrithik Roshan inspires us with his new Fitness film

Actor Hrithik Roshan inspires us with his new Fitness film

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Mi Band HRX to motivate with new campaign “Start what you can’t stop”

Actor Hrithik Roshan is the reason behind the Mi Band HRX first campaign “Start what you can’t stop”. He is the embodiment of how

anyone can push his limits to achieve any goal they set for themselves. He sets the pace for the unending loop that is the pursuit of making yourself better.

And that is the one thing the brand wanted to communicate ‘Start what you can’t stop’. It is a clarion call from HRX Mi to all everyday athletes to get inspired and get on their journey.

Sweat Story is the story of a sweat bead, and the faces are a metaphor for a map of India and we watch as the bead of sweat tracks a journey across this extraordinary nation. Each person is on their own mission, to get stronger, to test their limits, to reach their personal goals. They may be separated by deserts or mountains, confined by beaches or jungles. But their common goal knows no borders or boundaries. It is their very ambition as humans that bring them together.

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This campaign is about championing the extremes that athletes can go to push themselves the extra mile. Exercise is truly democratic, and for us, athletes could be the champion on the track or the man brisk walking down the beach. This campaign’s main motive is to promote the benefits of the MI band HRX Edition by showing all athletes with a single vision. They wanted the visuals of the film to capture that energy of training. It had to feel alive and to pulse with a rapid heartbeat. It is a clarion call from Mi Band and HRX to all everyday athletes to get inspired and get on their journey.

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Sharing his experience about the short film Hrithik Roshan- Founder HRX said “In today’s fast paced life, it definitely helps to track your moves and plan your fitness routine for the day. A lot of commitment is required while keeping up a healthy regime therefore a fitness tracker is the first step that can help in maintaining discipline. We are very excited about this MI – HRX Fitness film which showcases the relentless spirit- “start what you can’t stop”; where one doesn’t yeild to excuses and continues on a journey to fitness to achieve the end goals”

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Commenting on the ideology of all HRX communication, Afsar Zaidi, Co-Founder and CEO, HRX says “Our aim at HRX is to expand our presence across the realms of fitness and an eco-system of Wellness. The partnership between MI – HRX is a key part of our strategy as we work towards inspiring people who want to become the best version of them. This piece of communication- “Start what you can’t stop” conveys the ethos and vision of HRX which is building a culture of relentless pursuit of goals and never giving up for mundance excuses”

 Stills from the film

Commenting on the creative concept, Parixit Bhattacharya, Managing Partner Creative TBWA India, said, “Mi band HRX is a fantastic partner for everyday athletes. It is a bookkeeper and cheerleader of healthy actions. We wanted a platform that would unpack a truth about fitness that has not been exposed yet. The feeling of a workout of any kind where you push yourself is unique and perhaps addictive. This is what we wanted to underline. The first story is about the journey of a single drop of sweat through the face of everyday athletes of the country pursuing various fitness regimes. The campaign begins at the turn of the year as the resolve to pursue fitness is the strongest around this time.”

About Mi-Band HRX Edition:

Xiaomi is a privately owned company that designs, develops, and sells smartphones, an Android-based OS, and other consumer electronics. Xiaomi also makes fitness trackers, TVs, air purifiers, and tablets. The company largely sells its phones via flash sales in India.

HRX, founded in 2013 by Hrithik Roshan and Exceed Entertainment, is a platform for bringing like-minded people together to believe in the philosophy of becoming the best version of themselves, empowering a billion people to ‘be their own hero’. HRX aims to revolutionize the fitness scenario in India, as a value-for-money, high quality alternative to international brands with its lines of sportswear and fitness accessories.

The Chinese conglomerate Xiaomi and HRX by Hrithik Roshan have partnered together to offer a new fitness band- Mi-Band HRX Edition. It is essentially an adaptation of the Mi Band 2. It is priced at Rs. 1,299, slightly less expensive than the Mi Band 2. It sports an OLED display that shows the time, and also shows the steps, distance covered, and calories burnt, alerts you if you have been idle for too long, reminds you to take short walks and water breaks at regular intervals. Furthermore, it also calculates your sleep, is splash resistant, sends calls and notification alerts, and unlocks your paired Android smartphone without the need to put in a passcode or fingerprint as well. The Mi Band

HRX Edition is available on Myntra, Flipkart, Amazon,, and Mi Home offline stores.

HRX Crew:

Production: Boot Polissh Films

Producer: Ashish Ghelani

Executive Producer: Menaka Nagarajan

Associate Producer: Unnati Agrawal

Line Producer: Arif Mir and Nishant Pandey

Agency: TBWA India Pvt Ltd:

Creative Team: Parixit Bhattacharya, Prachi Gupta, Chinmay Raut

Strategy Team: Subramanian Krishnan, Bhakti Malik

Account Management: Abhijit Dube, Shanmitha Basakhetre

Production House: Bootpolish Films:

Producer: Ashit Ghelani & Shujaat Saudagar

Director: Vicky Lawton

Music: Taufiq Qureshi & Hugo (put second name)

Editor: Jamie (put second name)

Line Producer: Arif Mir

Line Producer: Nishant Pandey

DOP: Antony Miller

Executive Producer: Menaka Nagarajan

Associate Producer: Unnati Agarwal

Location Manager: Siven Sankaran

Production Designer: Aditya Kanwar

Hair & Makeup Designer: Sarah Capella

Costume Stylist: Divyank D’souza