Actor Abhishek Bachchan Inaugurates Radhika Goenka’s Art Exhibition “And the Flowers Showered”

Actor Abhishek Bachchan Inaugurates Radhika Goenka’s Art Exhibition “And the Flowers Showered”

True  to  the  title,  the  softly  alluring  paintings  by  Radhika Goenka captured the eyes of the beholder showering joy and spirituality through them.

The  evening  ended  on  a  high  note  at  Tao  Art  Gallery,  Worli.   Tao  Art  Gallery is established  as  a  foundation  to  support  and  promote  art  and  culture  within  India  and abroad.

“And the Flowers Showered” was inaugurated by Abhishek Bachchan, who  along with  the  crime  of  the  corporate  world  as  well  as  the  society  praised  and  encouraged the  budding  artist.  Chhaya Momaya, Lubna Allan, Kalpana Shah, Shailaija patil, Bijal meswani, Mamta Dalal Nita Ambani Sister, Purnima Dalal Nita Ambani’s mother,Parvez Damania, Vijay Kalantri Ashish Raheja, Debbo Bharma, Swapan Bharma, Ravi Kiran Aggarwal and Pujit Aggarwal, Varuna Jani, Malti Jain, Lata Patel.  The  exhibition,  a Welspun Group initiative, which was for a noble cause.

Abhishek Bachchan said “’Shunya’ is understood to be the most minimum denominator for  any  existence,  experience  or  even  realization.   Yet,  ‘Shunya’  is  all  encompassing; can  perhaps  embrace  all  the  world’s  possibilities  in  any  field.   A  person  as  young  as Radhika endeavoring to journey across from ‘Shunya to Bodhisattva/self-realization’ in her paintings is a formidable task for anyone to reflect upon. Hence, instead of daring to do so, I suppose, I should just state as to how humbled I feel in having the opportunity to inaugurate her quest in spiritual creativity, through her outstanding work”

Shining  the  spotlight  on  the  beautiful  strokes  of  the  paintings,  “And  The  Flowers Showered”  is  an  exhibition  is  an  expression  of  Radhika’s  personal  quest  of  her artistic  creativity.  The proceeds of the exhibitions will go to the NGO Akanksha Foundation which helps the children of Akanksha Foundation to be equipped with the education and skills needed to lead empowered lives. Radhika is personally attached to these children of the Akanksha Foundation and is regularly doing something fruitful for  them.

Radhika Goenka Said said “The  exhibition  is  a  metaphor  of  my  personal  quest  as  an  artist  from  emptiness  to  fulfillment  to  hopefully  a  higher  realm…of  artistic  creativity.
The images energized my growth…and their shapes evolved to reflect my dreams. I hope  that you too find them as inspiring as I did and that they inspire you to move onwards  and upwards in your personal journey”

“And  The  Flowers  Showered,’ is  proud  to  be  associated  with  an  NGO  where  art  is  not  just an activity, it’s a movement…a movement which is joyous as well as divine.