Abhay Kumar’s ‘Placebo’ gains momentum as India’s first collaborative documentary film

Abhay Kumar’s ‘Placebo’ gains momentum as India’s first collaborative documentary film

While films like ‘Peddlers’, ‘I Am’ amongst numerous others internationally have attained great success through collaborative efforts for the filmmaking, ‘Placebo’ is paving a new way for documentary films.

A hybrid documentary dealing with pressures of academic excellence and success amongst some of the best minds of India, ‘Placebo’ made by award winning filmmaker Abhay Kumar is already making waves. With over 82 collaborators and companies like Book My Show and Adobe stepping in to support the project, this film is truly turning into a cause to support quality cinema. The film is being made in association with AKFPL, a company set up by noted director Anurag Kashyap and business Partner and producer Guneet Monga.

Speaking about his project director Abhay kumar says “A dream is a powerful thing. It has life changing consequences if it doesn’t come true – and stranger ones when it does. This is a story from the other side of the dream. And what it takes to successfully survive success.’

The film has been actively seeking supporters on the international platforms Indiegogo.com and Indian platform wishberry.in , enabling people to contribute in the making of the project and joining in on the process of change.

Speaking about being involved with the project through her company AKFPL, Guneet Monga says “When Archana and Abhay came to Anurag and me, we instantly fell in love with the subject and in every sense this deserved to be a collaborative film and so we all decided to get everyone involved in the project.”

Adding to this, producer of Placebo, Archana Phadke says “The teaser we opened to the public in February of 2013 represents what we can do with a small team and a very limited budget. I believe that Placebo is a story that has to be told. Regardless of its setting it is everyone’s story. We want to make the best possible film we can. AKFPL has come onboard as they share our belief. If people like our work and believe in what we are trying to make, they could join in and make it happen”

Currently raising funds for post production, this documentary is all set to change the way independent cinema has been perceived and received in India.