Aamir Khan to lose 25 kgs in 25 weeks!

Aamir Khan to lose 25 kgs in 25 weeks!

Aamir Khan

Aamir began the new year with an agenda! The actor who had to gain 25 kilos for his role as a wrestler in Dangal, is on a process of losing it, since January 1.
Aamir took six months to gain weight and has to now shed it all (he weighs 95 kg) in 25 weeks.

The actor plays Mahavir Phogat and his character will grow old over the course of the film. Aamir has finished shooting for the portion where he plays a 55-year-old.

Now he has started preparing himself for portions where he is required to appear much younger. The actor is following a strict regime to lose weight. This includes an intense one-hour workout session in the morning.

In order to attain his desired number, he will train exactly the way the wrestlers train. His diet is also carefully monitored and s currently under the supervision of dietician Dr Vinod Dhurander.

It’s a two-hour diet process, which means he has to eat every two hours. In total, he has nine meals a day. It is balanced with carbs and proteins. In 25 weeks we would be witnessing the actor in a different avatar every week.

Dangal, produced by Disney and Aamir Khan Productions is slated to release on Christmas 2016.