Aamir Khan to fully dedicate 43 days to P.K.

Aamir Khan to fully dedicate 43 days to P.K.

Aamir Khan’s Christmas release P.K. is just around the corner and he has fully dedicated his time to the film. The actor has dedicated the 43 days before the release to the film after fulfilling all his prior commitments.

Aamir had recently taken a vacation with his wife Kiran and son Azad in Japan, where he had gone to attend the Tokyo film festival, after which they stayed back to celebrate Kiran’s birthday.

Now Aamir is fully working on P.K. round the clock and is completely focused on the film. He is eating, breathing and sleeping P.K. and has completely blocked everything else out.

He is constantly hanging around Rajkumar Hirani and is not leaving his side. The actor is wholly immersed in the world of P.K.

There are only 43 days remaining for the release of the film and Aamir is going to spend each and every day working on the film. He has suspended all engagements till new year. ‎