Aamir in PK surpasses Aamir in Lagaan

Aamir in PK surpasses Aamir in Lagaan

The recently released film of Aamir Khan has not only broken all the box office records in the Indian cinema by creating the 300 crore club, but it is also regarded as the best performance ever by Aamir Khan.

In the industry, Aamir Khan is looked upon as the Perfectionist delivering very strong and phenomenal performances.

The character of Bhuvan played by him in Lagaan brought him immense praise from audiences across the globe. It was the first time he played a rural guy with a unique accent and body language. It went on to become one of the most memorable characters.

Now, with PK, he has outdone himself by playing an alien. He is the first Indian to play an alien on screen and successfully so.

Everyone has been raving about Aamir’s performance in the film. Be it his Bhojpuri diction, his unique look or his body language, everything is in correct synchronization with the character. The actor went to great lengths to prepare for this character.

His stellar performance has made PK synonymous with Aamir Khan now.