A young Indian filmmaker, Akshata Honnavar is winning awards and hearts in New York

A young Indian filmmaker, Akshata Honnavar is winning awards and hearts in New York

Akshata Honnavar created a ripple in New York recently when she recently produced a dialogue with Nobel Laureate Malala Yousafzai for AnitaB.org.

Honnavar is an award-winning Indian director, screenwriter, and producer based in Manhattan. She has studied filmmaking at NYFA, New York.

Over the last few years, Akshata has been scripting, producing and directing films that have received rave reviews and accolades. The award-winning filmmaker has made over 30 films in her short career.

She likes to make women-centric films that impact age-old attitudes towards women and perhaps transform some of them. She also likes to present relatable female characters and protagonists that breakaway from stereotypes. Her aim is to show audiences the inner universe of a woman – what drives a woman to be herself.

She has made several films that inspire, educate and document lives of real people. Her award-winning inspirational film, ‘A Story called Life’, showcases real people on the streets of New York. The film has received awards and accolades across the world including the prestigious Dada Saheb Phalke Award, International Panoramic Film Festival Award, New York Movie Awards, New York International Film Awards (finalist) New York & ICA International Cultural Artifact Film Festival (Finalist), NextGen International Film Festival (Semi Finalist) and Bharat International Film Festival (Semi Finalist).

During the Pandemic, Akshata also made a special documentary called ‘Life in Covid’ capturing lockdown moments across the world. It has been recognized by the Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival. Some of her other notable works include Shadow, Terahvin (recognized by Hollywood International Golden Age Festival, Sweden Film Festival & Miami Independent Film Festival) and Smoking Kills (Winner Indie Film Festival