A realistic take on underworld – Mumbai Maya

A realistic take on underworld – Mumbai Maya

Mumbai the capital of Maharashtra is also known as Mayanagari. Attracted by its glam and glitter, thousands of people from all over India come to this Mayanagari in search of work, money, fame et al. But many of them gets entangled in the web of this Mayanagari in such a way that they choose wrong paths to achieve their goals. Forthcoming Marathi film Mumbai Maya tells the similar tale of people choosing the wrong path .

Mumbai Maya is produced by K.Ravi and directed by Shashikant Deshpande and it comprises of experienced as well as new actors. The film which is produced by Kadtoba movies
and Tuljabhavani creations is a debut film of new bee actor Rahul Ravi.

The muhurat of Mumbai Maya took place recently in the presence of prominent film personalities. The muhurat of the film took place in the hands of Vasant Vani, the Vice-president of Rastrawadi party. Singer Abhijit Kosambi, Prasannajit Kosambi, Aditi Palav, entrepreneur Kalpana Saroj, social activist Baban Gaikwad, Uttam Gaikwad, Madhukar Bhokare of Mahavitaran, Ganpat Khandizod and many other well-known personalities were present at the function.

Presently the auditions for the selection of the actors are going on and the process will complete very soon. The film is being produced with the purpose of giving the audience the experience of watching a film on a very different subject. The story of the film is based on the backdrop of underworld and criminals. The film conveys the message that even though one is faced with many temptations instead of giving in to the temptation one should follow one’s own path. Not many knows that the producer of the film and co-director K Ravi was a journalist and he witnessed the workings of underworld and the incidents that took place in Mumbai in the last few years as a journalist. He has tried to capture his experiences through the medium of cinema. He has taken up the challenge of making the film with director Shashikant Deshpande. Director Shashikant Deshpande expressed the confidence that every youngster can find his or her own self through this film.

New bee actor Rahul Ravi who is making a debut through the film is equally excited about the film and he is trying to prove himself through Mumbai Maya. The producers of the film are planning to start the film from March 2014 and one will get to watch the different side of the Mumbai city through the film.