A musical affair with social media

A musical affair with social media

Daler Mehndi becomes first Indian musician to make a song about social media presence ~

India’s King of Pop Daler Mehndi, an incredibly talented musician today launches his new song ‘Aaja Mere Twitter Te’. This song is sung by Daler Mehndi for every individual who is on social media giants Twitter and Facebook. In a brand new video, the maestro invites listeners to visit his Twitter account and Facebook page. The karaoke version of this song can be used by any individuals by adding their social media credentials in the lyrics.

The catchy beat and electronic-like sound of ‘Aaja Mere Twitter Te’ is a musical surprise coming from the King of Pop. A digression from the typical Bhangra-Pop genre that Daler Mehndi has created, the song strikes a beautiful balance between his trademark style and new-age electronic. The track retains an element of the Bhangra-Pop genre with a short section of Daler Mehndi’s all time famous dance number ‘Bolo Ta Ra Ra Ra’.

It appears that Daler Mehndi is a sea of musical talent. He makes it look like composing music is an entirely ordinary task. “When Dalerji came to the studio, most of us were surfing through our Facebook and Twitter updates. He was so amused by the idea of everybody being on social medeis that he decided to make a song about it. By the end of the day, Daler Mehndi finished writing, composing and recording this new song,” said a member from Daler Mehndi’s staff.

Daler Mehndi is a greatly talented musician, intensively trained for years in classical Sufi and Punjabi music. He is among India’s best musicians and has a large global fan base. Apart from being a celebrated musician, Daler Mehndi is also known globally for the humanitarian activities he funds.