A Music & Dance Theatrical By SAAZONIK PRODUCTIONS

A Music & Dance Theatrical


Celebrating 100 years of Hindi Cinema Music

The Life of Musica is the era wise journey of Music, from the Silent Era Hindi Films to the present.

MUSICA is a concept and script created by Seema Sonik Alimchand .

It is Musica’s journey, from the beginning of time, moving to the royal darbars, then the blossoming, the love, the passion, the joy, the strive for independence, the fame, the death, the highs and the lows, all showcased in a series of electrifying, soul touching dance performances and acts taking the story forward.

Seema, a voice professional, writer and radio presenter, has researched the history of Indian Music since the last six years now. She connected with eminent personalities of the industry and has collected an audio bank of interviews with Khayyam, Manoj Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar, Raju Naushad, Pyarelal, Raju SIngh, Farida Jalal, Usha Khanna, Omi Sonik, Hasan Kamal among others.

As Seema mentioned “ These veterans of the different eras of the industry were easy access due to my late father Sonik, (Well known as Masterji) being a Music director and highly loved and respected by the film industry.

I used some of this data I collected and constructed a few scripts based on our film music, one of which was made into a 13 CD album, {HUNDRED YEARS OF MUSIC IN INDIAN CINEMA} instantly liked by HMV- SAREGAMA. The 13 CD Album pack’s conceptualization, written material, presentation, songs compilation and the complete putting together of this masterpiece is my handiwork, based on my knowledge and passion for music. Although HMV – SAREGAMA has subsequently sold the cd pack  to Wizcraft and other corporates for their corporate gifting, the official launch by HMV SAREGAMA is slated around Diwali, this year.

Presently I am very excited about my theatrical/musical ‘MUSICA’ & creating ‘The Life of Musica’  based on my concept of era wise Hindi film music. The plan is to hold the first show around this new year. I am hoping to travel across India and Abroad with this theatrical. I have set up a Company ‘Saazonik Productions’ with my sister, and the theatrical will be produced by Saazonik. Under the banner, we plan to create many such brands in theatre, books, television, films etc

2014 will also see the release of my novel, a romantic thriller, a celebrity biography and some adventure stories for children. In the theatre space I am simultaneously working on a play based on paranormal phenomena. Thereafter I am going to work on a musical travel show depicting the history, evolution of Ghazals and Folk Music going on to Sufi, Bhakti, Pop etc.”