A dreadful tale of betrayal on Emotional Atyachaar

A dreadful tale of betrayal on Emotional Atyachaar

The show brings a tale of a girl who was ready to go to any extent to fulfil her selfish motives

This week, Emotional Atyachaar, narrates the cold hearted reality of a girl whose boyfriend was left shell-shocked after learning the truth about her. Mahesh, a young event manager from Delhi narrates how his girlfriend ditched death to fulfil her uglier motives in life.

Mahesh and Ipsita were childhood friends, with time they became high school sweethearts. Both the families were extremely happy with their relationship and therefore soon got them engaged.

During their engagement ceremony, Mahesh happened to meet his old friend Girish, who informs him about his divorce. On hearing his awful experience of bad marriage, Mahesh became unsure about his decision of marrying Ipsita but he does not let his thoughts hamper the ceremony. As days passed by Mahesh started noticing a lot of changes in her. One afternoon, both of them had a huge fight in the car, over relocating to Mumbai, and Ipsita got off immediately in anger. Within few hours Mahesh got to know that Ipsista was no more alive and she died in a bomb blast where she got off angrily.

This incident completely changed Mahesh’s life, even after a year he lived in guilt and repentance of Ipsita’s death. He cursed himself for it, but knew he was helpless in the face of destiny. One fine day Mahesh happened to see his engagement video where he came across Ipsita’s dreadful truth and the secret behind her sudden death.

What was the truth behind the death? Was Ipsita alive? What did Mahesh see in the video?

To find out, tune into ‘Emotional Atyachaar 4’, this Saturday 1st January 2014, at 7pm only on bindass!