93.5 RED FM brings in Mother’s Day with Nirbhaya’s mother along with Delhi listeners

93.5 RED FM brings in Mother’s Day with Nirbhaya’s mother along with Delhi listeners

93.5 RED FM brings in Mother’s Day with Nirbhaya’s mother along with Delhi listeners

Rj Raunac With Nirbhaya's Mother on Mother's day

‘You are not only Nirbhaya’s mother, you are our mother!’


National, The very lively, energetic and fun office of 93.5 Red FM was in a very sombre and quiet mood on Friday. There were a lot of unspoken words and unasked questions when Asha Devi, Nirbhaya’s mother visited the office.

This Mother’s Day Red FM’s initiative will surely well up your eyes with tears. On behalf of our nation, RJ Raunac decided to celebrate this Mother’s Day with Mrs. Asha Devi – ‘Mother of Nirbhaya’. The entire thought behind this was to make it special for her and convey the love and message that the nation has for her. Even after 5 years of losing her daughter she isn’t alone. This city and country stands strongly with her as her children.

The whole nation has cried for Nirbhaya, we said in unison this should not happen again. This Mother’s Day her mother deserves more than just a greeting, more than just a card. This Mother’s Day Asha Devi was overwhelmed when the children of Delhi called her ‘Ma’ and said #MainbhiNirbhaya. The listeners were selected based on calls they made. These were the people who were all present in the infamous 2012 India Gate protest that took place because of Nirbhaya. Till date they feel an emotional connect with her.

Mrs. Asha Devi, Nirbhaya's mother with RJ Raunac and the listeners at 93.5 Red FM's studio during the morning no.1 show

Nisha Narayanan, COO, 93.5 Red FM said, “The recent Supreme Court verdict announcement of hanging the gang rapists has not only been a win for Nirbhaya’s parents who have been fighting the brutal rape case, but a win for all of us. It is a victory, as justice has been served not only to a brave heart- Nirbhaya but also to every girl in this country who has been deeply affected and saddened by this incident. It was the smallest gesture on Red FM’s part for listeners to connect with Nirbhaya’s mother this Mother’s Day and speak to her. I would like to thank our listeners for making Ma’s day a special one and standing with her through it all.”

The people who were in the studio interacted with Ashaji in person, while those outside called up and spoke to her LIVE on air. She was overwhelmed by the love and support shown by Red FM listeners, and thanked everyone for making this Mother’s Day the most special one for her.

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With a heavily emotional voice RJ Raunac said, “I witnessed a different joy in Ashaji’s eyes when the listeners started addressing her as Ma. Yes, nobody can replace Nirbhaya, but today these millions of Delhiites have become her children; what better gift for a mother who has endured the emotionally draining turmoil for 5 endless years. Ashaji had one small request, to Red FM listeners to keep the fire alive and fight evil against the crime against women.’’

This Mother’s Day, wish your mother, buy gifts for her and pamper her. Also, drop in a wish to Ashaji on your social media with #MainbhiNirbhya. This will make a difference to her, it will make a difference to you.

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