92.7 BIG FM unveils a refreshing new jingle this New Year!

Suno Sunao Life Banao this New Year with 92.7 BIG FM, India’s No. 1 FM Network and the Radio Broadcaster at the Golden Mikes, rolled out a new vibrant jingle on 1st Jan. The jingle referred as the ‘sound of celebration’ was launched in style on New Year ’s Eve on the biggest show on Star Plus for the night ‘BIG STAR Entertainment Awards’ following which India woke up the next morning to this new tune across BIG FM’s 45 station network.

First time in the history of the radio industry, an FM channel has come out with a novel jingle which has many differentiators to its credit: different compositions, different lyrics for different time bands to go with the moods of listeners at different times of the day and different singers for Hindi & Non-Hindi markets. This is radical, considering that most radio stations have had standard lyrics and tunes with slight modifications in tempo to suit the time band.

92.7 BIG FM has bought together some of the finest musicians and singers to bring originality and life to this jingle to make it an unforgettable experience for its listeners. Each singer sang for different time bands and for different languages. For instance Shaan has positive punch in his voice that spells happiness and thus makes his voice perfect fit for drive times and works as a great stress buster. Karthik’s voice is undisputedly the voice of the new generation in south and offers a lot of variety. Suraj Jagan has a refreshing voice that makes it perfectly suitable for early morning time band. Kavita Sheth has an exclusive raw voice with a sufi touch again perfect for a blissful early morning start while Suzanne D Mello has soft, easy, sensual voice that makes evenings pleasant.

Through this launch 92.7 BIG FM reaffirm and bring to light the ethos of its platform as a source of entertainment and not just another destination for Bollywood music. This new avatar will reinforce the stations engagement and bond with the listener and help in delivering greater levels of entertainment to listeners.  The new jingle is a reflection of 92.7 BIG FM’s new identity as a brand that truly celebrates life by partnering people and their varied passions.

The credit of this new jingle goes to the hard-work and expertise of music composer and creative director Rochak Kohli, music producer and project head, Ravi Singhal, lyricist Rochak and Ravi Singhal. Eric Pillai from The Future Sound of Bombay executed phenomenal results as the mix and mastering engineer. Vijay Dayal & Murali were the recording Engineers for this new jingle. To add flovour to this exceptional tune 92.7 BIG FM brought together live musicians from the industry including Sivamani (Drums and percussions), Naveen (flute), Kalyan Baruah (Guitars), and Raja (Tabla and other percussions).



Commenting on this initiative Company Spokesperson, 92.7 BIG FM said, “We are delighted with the response to our new jingle across the country. We are glad to have some of India’s best musicians on board who have brought a very fresh appeal to the brand in bringing alive our promise of celebration. This new year, we vow to bring many more enchanting experiences to our listeners.”

The tune has a universal appeal but the primary target audience is all SECs – 25+ audiences. There will be a month long celebration of the new tune both online & on ground. Also the making of the jingle will be aired on leading television channels. The tune has been recorded in 14 different languages including Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Dogri, Kashmiri, Oriya, Bengali, Assamese and Konkani.