92.7 BIG FM celebrates the auspicious occasion of Gudi Padwa IN MUMBAI


 India’s No 1 Radio Network andRadio broadcaster at the Golden Mikes, 92.7 BIG FM today celebrated theauspicious occasion of Gudi Padwa with hundreds of enthusiastic Mumbaikars to bringin the Marathi New Year with a lot of zeal. Integrating with the festive spirit,92.7 BIG FM RJ’s Rani and Ankit visited the religious spots in Mumbai tocelebrate this pious occasion along with fellow devotees. Gudi Padwa holds greatsignificance and importance in Hindu Mythology as Lord Brahma created theuniverse on this day. It is also first day of Chaitra, the first month of Hinducalendar, and the spring season commences on this day. People follow a numberof rituals which start even before the sun rises, like taking the auspiciousbath which includes application of oil to the body before bathing. Later, thedoorway is decorated with mango leaves and red flowers, rangoli is designed andthe finally the Gudi is hoisted.

In many places, peopledressed in traditional wear take a morning march called Prabhat Feri wishingall a Happy Gudi Padwa & a Happy New Year. 92.7 BIG FM enhanced thiscelebration with RJ Rani inviting listeners to celebrate and share their views,emotions and expressions attached to this pious festival. She joined the PrabhatFeri at Siddhivinayak and gaveaway 92.7 BIG FM goodies to the listeners including aminiature Gudi (which is also considered a symbol of victory), a calendar as asymbol of good wishes for the New Year and sweets. She also played a rangolicontest with the listeners & the winner was given 92.7 BIG FM goodie bag.

92.7 BIG FM also attendedthe Prabhat Feri at Gudi Padwa Samanvay Samiti in Andheri and engaged with the devotedcrowd.

Companyspokesperson said “Gudi Padwa is significant as it marks a new beginning foreveryone. We too wish our listeners a very happy new year and all the success inthe year ahead. 92.7 BIG FM has always partaken in all city festivities.”