92.7 BIG FM announces Spiritual AND WELLNESS show ‘Seher’ with ‘BEAUTY WITH ASTROLOGY’ FOUNDER, Kamini Khanna

92.7 BIG FM announces Spiritual AND WELLNESS show ‘Seher’ with ‘BEAUTY WITH ASTROLOGY’ FOUNDER, Kamini Khanna



92.7 BIG FM, India’s No. 1 FM radio network and winner of the Golden Mikes Broadcaster of the Year Award announced the launch of its spiritual and wellness show ‘Seher’ with Beauty with Astrology founder, Kamini Khanna. The devotional and wellness show airs daily between 5am and 7am on 92.7 BIG FM in 29 stations across India. The show promises to give listeners a fresh and invigorating start to their day with spiritual and wellness lessons and tips that is bound to add positivity to the day. Kamini’s actress daughter and Brand Ambassador, Ragini Khanna was also present during the launch to extend support to her mother for her latest endeavour.

Beauty with Astrology founder, Kamini Khanna, who will be hosting this special show, is a name to reckon with. As a firm believer of personal balance, Kamini has carved a niche for herself as a well-known astrologer who can provide helpful tips and suggestions by a simple glance at a person’s kundali. Kamini is also a grooming expert and gives effective advice on how to talk and present oneself in various situations thereby bringing about positive changes in a person’s personality and behaviour.

Commenting on the launch of the show, a Company Spokesperson said, “Seher with Kamini Khanna is an early-morning offering on 92.7 BIG FM that will focus on showcasing spirituality and wellness. After the overwhelming response that Seher has received over the years, we are now providing listeners with fresh and exciting content that will keep them engaged to the show. With a concept that promotes wellbeing, we are sure that our listeners will enjoy tuning in to a show that will bring a positive start to their day.”

Following the phenomenal success and overwhelming responses that Seher has received over the years, the loyal following among the listeners can now tune-in to the show in a brand new avatar as it focuses on spirituality and wellness promising to be far more engaging. Seher with Kamini Khanna airs in 29 stations across Maharashtra, Goa, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, PHCHP, and Jammu and Kashmir between 5am and 7am every day only on 92.7 BIG FM.