72 Hours- The Martyr Who Never Died Film Review

72 Hours- The Martyr Who Never Died Film Review

72 Hours- The Martyr Who Never Died Film Review 

Just go and watch the film and that will be your tribute to the great Martyr Rifleman Jaswant Singh Rawat 

72 hours martyr who never died

Film – 72 Hours : The Martyr Who Never Died

Producers- JSR Production & Sandhya Entertainment 

Written & Directed – Avinaash Dhyani 

Cast – Avinaash Dhyani , Mukesh Tiwari, Sudhir Sharma, Alka Ameen , Virendra Sharma

Rating – 4 Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

It has been a set practice that whenever I see a film I start reviewing it, analysing it, dissecting it and tearing it apart if it’s not working and everything is wrong with the film.

After some time I became lesser harsher realising that anyone or whoever has made the film has put in maybe his hard earned money or easy money or whatever,  there has been an investment and being a film critic, even if I put my view points, however true they may be, it can affect the film and can be one of the reasons for the film incurring losses. So I made it a point to see such films but not Review them with my comments.

If it’s a good film then I make it a point to certainly go to the extent of highlighting every aspect of that film in question.

When I sit through a film of the caliber where it is a tribute to our brave soldiers, our true Heroes who at any given time are “Lifeline “ of all of Us Civilians who sit and lead an easy going and normal life without any tensions or pressure of protecting our Motherland. I just watch the film in it’s entirety without budging and giving it all due respect irrespective of the merits it deserves.

Now the film in question ’72 Hours’ is a documentation of the facts of the Martyr Rifleman Jaswant Singh Rawat belonging to 4th Garhwal Rifle at Narunaang Base Camp in Arunachal Pradesh’s local village than called NEFA, that fought Indo China war in 1962. He was instrumental in guarding our posts against all the odds despite lack of sufficient ammunition and weapons and went on to fight the army of Chinese soldiers Single handedly for 72 Hours at a stretch and gave his life for the honour of our motherland. And all this at a Very young age of 21 years. He was awarded Mahavir Chakra for his bravery posthumously.

72 hours martyr who never died-

This is a Tribute through my review to the brave soldiers and Martyr Jaswant Singh Rawat who died while defending our Nation.

The film is based upon the life of JSR the great fighter and a great warrior. Right from his childhood in Dehradun, belonging to a very poor family and how he grows with a strong will and purpose to be part of an Indian Army.

72 hours martyr who never died-1

Hats Off to Avinaash Dhyani for undertaking such a monumental subject and giving justice to every aspect of the Martyr ‘s Life and Time which was unfortunately short lived. As an actor he not only gets into the skin of the character but as a Writer and Director also brings alive the period of 1962 Indo China war right there on the celluloid.

You start living the whole film with other Riflemen, Hawaldar (Mukesh Tiwari) an accomplished actor who looks every inch his part , Shishir Sharma as Col S N Tandon is bang on and delivers perfect.

There’s not much in the if you see it from a film’s angle but if you watch from the viewpoint of Rifleman JSR , not a single moment you will feel left out. Such is the sacrifice of JSR that you really get transported to that war ridden era in Arunachal Pradesh.

Heavenly, beautiful snow capped back ground and landscaping are so wonderfully captured by the cameraman Harish Negi which leaves you spellbound. Than there’s that diversion where we see a beautiful Chinese girl Noora ( Yeshi Dema ) who falls for our hero JSR.  It provides that short term relief, a delight to watch and soothing to the eyes amidst the tensions and pressures of the war.

Music by Sanjay Bose and with all the background score and effects amalgamation adds to the overall narrative of the film and elevates it to give it an heightened impact. Singers Shaan , Mohit Chauhan, Arijit Singh, Shreya Ghoshal, Palak Muchhal, Priyanka Negi put in their best contributions.

The film becomes more important also because of the fact that JSR has attained the status of a Deity at the Sino Indian Frontier. Even a temple has been erected in his memory and the Army has posted five soldiers for the upkeep of his memorial.

As the legend goes there is a strong belief and testimonies supporting the fact that even as of today JSR is out there guarding the post.

Besides it raises one of most pertinent issues that our Army should be given utmost priority , importance and more than adequate budgets should be allocated so that our Army is at all the time well equipped with the best possible lethal weapons , ammunitions, technology driven systems in place to be able to meet up with all such war driven emergencies.

This will not only Lift the Spirit of our soldiers but will embolden them to give their best shot facing the enemies on the battlefront.

72 hours martyr who never died-3

Full kudos to Avinaash Dhyani for recreating the legacy of the legend Rifleman JSR with utmost sincerity and commitment to make an all consuming and watchable one of it’s kind Cinema.

Just go and watch the film and that will be your tribute to the great Martyr Rifleman Jaswant Singh Rawat a brave Soldier from the 4th Garhwal Rifle Regiment. Period 1962 Indo China War !!!🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏