60 Years of Being Jehangir Art Gallery A Show of Archival Photographs At The new Auditorium Gallery

60 Years of Being Jehangir Art Gallery

A Show of Archival Photographs At The new Auditorium Gallery

Mumbai’s iconic art space, Jehangir Art Gallery has completed 60 years of existence. The gallery has created a platform for budding artists (and continues to do so). It has become, arguably, the most recognized visual icon of fine arts in the country. It has become a rite of passage for all artists.

An exhibition, on the occasion of the gallery’s 60th anniversary, will capture the rich history of the gallery, memorable moments over the years and the gallery’s contribution to the development of fine arts in India.

This exhibition of archival photographs will be displayed from 16th to 28th October 2012 at the new renovated and airconditioned Auditorium Gallery. The Auditorium Gallery (which was earlier Non AC) has been specially renovated for this occassion.

Some of the key subjects of the exhibition:


  • ‘The Making of an icon’:

The exhibition will cover the history of the gallery, the story of the founding family and the events that led to the creation of the gallery.


This section will include interviews with the founding family, and rare archival photographs that throw light on the birth of the gallery.


  • ‘Jehangir & I’:

Jehangir is not another gallery. It enjoys a special place in the hearts of the artists. This section will cover their perspective on the gallery.

Here, some major artists, both veterans and younger talents, speak on their relationship with the gallery, the space it occupies in their life and its role in shaping the fine art scene in India


We interviewed around 20 artists – both veterans and younger talents, got their perspective on the gallery.



  • ‘Memory wall’:

The gallery has been witness to some of the most iconic moments in the history of Indian art. It has played host to many legendary exhibitions by the best known names in the field.  A collage of these moments, which help people relive these moments, will also be a part of the exhibition.



  • ‘Life at Jehangir’:

One of the biggest indicators of the importance of Jehangir, and the void that it filled, is the vibrant and stimulating environment that got created in and around it, and became a feed for intellectuals from all fields. A section of the exhibition captures the life in, and around Jehangir.

“60 Girls Of Being Jehangir Art Gallery”

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