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Fatmagul, the blockbuster Turkish drama that airs on Zindagi, every Monday to Friday at 8.50 PM is another treat from Turkey for Indian viewers. The realistic appeal, superlative character portrayals and captivating performances are some of the key elements that make the show worth watching. Popular Turkish stars Beren Saat & Engin Akyürek who gained recognition across the globe for their roles as Fatmagul and Kerim are now winning the hearts of viewers across India. If you enjoy good storytelling, then here are top 6 reasons to watch Fatmagul.

Beren Saat & Engin Akyurek

  1. Beren Saat as Fatmagul – The beautiful Beren Saat, plays lead protagonist Fatmagul in the show. Since the beginning of her career, she has received critical acclaim and has won numerous awards for her portrayal of Fatmagul. From being an obedient and subdued girl to becoming an independent and courageous woman who fights for her rights, Beren effortlessly portrays the role of Fatmagul. Berenwill definitely steal your heart with her strong portrayal of the character and her mesmerizing eyes.
  2. Engin Akyürek as Kerim – The dashing and handsome star is here to impress viewers with his talent and pleasing personality. Kerim is Engin’s most popular character, and he has won many accolades for his performance in the show.Engin Akyurek’s portrayal of Kerim is definitely setting goals high for all the men out there. The super-hot Kerim is everything any girl could ask for. He is sensitive, loving, caring, calm yet macho.

    3.     Different & addictive: If you are bored of the same old Saas Bahu dramas & supernatural powers, then this show definitely makes for a good watch. The captivating story, intriguing twists and turns in the show will keep you hooked to your TV screen. The story is sure to surprise you at every turn. Once you start watching it, you will not want to miss even a single episode.

    4.     It’s a blockbuster & has been loved by people from across 37 countries: Yes! You heard it right! This blockbuster show has been telecast and loved in 37 countries including USA, Russia, Romania, Poland etc. and has been a tremendous success. It is one of the most successful series from Turkey.

    5.     Kerim & Fatmagul’s love-hate relationship: The love hate relationship & the chemistry between the lead protagonists is a huge reason for the success of the show. Fatmagul, who blames Kerim for her unhappiness is unaware of the fact that he wasn’t involved in t unconditionally and takes on all the hate & blame to protect her. Whenhe tragic incident that happened to her. Kerim on the other hand, loves her this couple dance together, you just can’t take your eyes off your TV screens.

    6.     The landscapes of Turkey: The show is shot in and around Turkey & all the locations and beaches are picture perfect. Right from the small town Ildir, a village on the Aegean coast to the beautiful streets in Istanbul, all the locations of the show are a pleasure on the eyes. We bet Fatmagul will make you change your next holiday destination to Turkey.

    Watch the beautiful Beren Saat in lead role of ‘Fatmagul’ & Engin Akyürek as ‘Kerim’ in ‘Fatmagul’ from Monday to Saturday at8:50 PM, only on Zindagi!