3. Aneel Murarka with Manish Murarka and Poonam Dhillon

The Shoorveers of India! Brave hearts were awarded with “The Shoorveer Award” ; Spearheaded By Aneel Murarka- Founder Of Ample Missiion Events Entertainment And More Llp & Manish Murarka.

 Aneel Murarka with Dalbir Kaur

Aneel Murarka- Founder of Ample Missiion Events Entertainment and More Llp & Manish Murarka presented the second edition of “The Shoorveer Awards” a brilliant and unique initiative to honor the saga of bravery of an individual and displayed an extraordinary courage or act which has become an example for fellow citizens to motivate and follow which bought pride to the country.

Raju Srivastav and Rekha Kh ... h and Kavita Satav

The award ceremony was anchored by the very charismatic Sachin Kumbhar who looked nothing less than dapper in a black suit. The event commenced with the auditorium paying respect to the country by standing for National Anthem.

Manish Murarka with Aneel ... ing Seema Khinchi

A bevy of guests from Bollywood, Television & Fashion industry were a part of the evening including Udit Narayan, Kunika Sadanand, Archana Kochar, Shweta Khanduri, Raju Srivastav, Ranjan Negi, Jiten Lalwani, Poonam Dhillon, Naseer Khan, etc.

Aneel Murarka Awarding Robin Chaurasiya

Aneel Murarka playing a strategic role in the company is a known philanthropist mentions “This is the second addition of The Shoorveer Awards”.  If we take the generally accepted definition of bravery as a quality which knows no fear, these ordinary people have pursued extra ordinary acts of bravery without fearing for life. I along with my team have worked hard to put everything together & have received immense support from our friends in the industry to make my dream project happen

Aneel Muraraka and Rajan Ne ... ng Triveni Acharya

Manish Murarka saysThe bravery acts these people have performed have gone unnoticed; hence awarded these people for their saga of bravery and propel the people to pursue acts of bravery”

Diya Chitale being Awarded ... Ashfaque Khopekar

The idea behind this noble initiative to honor the saga of bravery of an individual and displayed an extraordinary courage or act which has become an example for fellow citizens to motivate and follow which bought pride to the country is the brainchild of Industrialist & Philanthropist Aneel Murarka & Manish Murarka, who are an achievers in their own right. Hence, they has now have put together a one-of-a-kind award function, a special recognition & award for all those who have pursued meritorious acts of bravery against all odds.

Aneel Murarka with Shweta Kh ... g Ramesh Valanju


While bravery and honesty continue to gain trust, they have triumphed upon the hearts of millions with their acts of bravery and vowed the nation with their selfless gestures. To name a few are:

  1. DALBIR KAUR- Dalbir Kaur, sister of Sarabjit fought for justice for her brother who was imprisoned in Pakistan after being convicted of terrorism and spying by Pakistan when he accidentally crossed over to their side.
  1. TRIVENI ACHARYA– Triveni Acharya is an Indian journalist and activist living in Mumbai, best known for her work with the anti-sex-trafficking group the Rescue Foundation.
  1. RAJANI PANDIT – Rajani Pandit is an Indian private investigator who is regarded as the first woman private investigator in the state of Maharashtra, and sometimes the first in India. She has been the subject of a documentary, written two books, received numerous awards, and is considered one of the most famous detectives in India
  1. MONICA MORE –Monica More lost both her arms in a suburban train accident at Ghatkopar railway station in January 2014 when she slipped between a foot-long gap between the platform and the ladies compartment footboard, and fell on the railway track. As the accident shocked most commuters, two Muslim youths rushed her to the hospital with the severed arms, but they could not be surgically re-attached. After six months of treatment at the KEM Hospital, Monica was fitted with advanced prosthetic arms manufactured by German company Otto Bock which enabled her to write, eat on her own, pick up, and drink a glass of water, and even use a laptop. She continued her education in Commerce at TD Mehta Junior College in Ghatkopar, and appeared for the Maharashtra State Board Higher Secondary Certificate examination held in March and scored 63%.
  1. DR. ROSHANJAHAN SHAIKH- Dr. Roshanjahan Shaikhlost her legs after she fell off a crowded train in Jogeshwari eight years ago, continued studying medicine. Her struggle was not easy and she had to fight a case in the Bombay High court to get an admission into a college, which had rejected her admission citing her 88% disability as a reason. However, she cleared her MBBS examination with flying colours
  1. RAJARAM JOSHI –Rajaram Joshi saves those who jump off the Vashi creek bridge and doesn’t seek money or recognition for his gestures. A fifth-generation fisherman, Joshi fishes at the Vashi creek in Navi Mumbai, one of the entry-points to Mumbai. Joshi, was felicitated by the Navi Mumbai Commissioner Dinesh Waghmare on the occasion of National Fire Service Week this year.
  1. DIYA CHITALE –Diya Chitale is a 12 year old Table Tennis prodigy. She is currently the youngest athlete supported by Olympic Gold Quest
  1. SANDEEP BACCHE –Meet The King Of Bandra: Sandeep Bacche Of The Awesome Auto Rickshaw. Don’t confuse Sandeep Bacche for an ordinary rickshaw driver. Friendly, energetic and animated, Sandeep turns his customer’s auto rickshaw ride into a joyride.
  2. ROBIN CHAURASIYA- Robin helped organise a successful campaign to change US armed forces policy after being forced to leave her position as an Air Force officer because of her sexuality. The experience inspired her to go into teaching and to found an NGO in India called Kranti. Robin has formalised a social justice curriculum at Kranti covering key issues that affect the girls’ lives which they use to design and implement projects. In 2013, they convinced an MP to help them register sex workers to vote. They have led workshops for more than 100,000 people and delivered 11 TEDx talks around the world. They toured a play they wrote about their experiences across the USA, performing at the headquarters of Facebook and Google
  3. BAPURAO TAJNE-Tajne is a poor labourer of Kalambeshwar village of Washim district. Though he had never dug a well before, he devoted six hours daily for 40 days until he struck water. Refused permission to draw water from a well by the owner and insult of his wife made him so determined to be self reliant that Bapurao Tajne dug a well all by himself, a job that is normally done by 4-5 people
  4. COLONEL SANTOSH MAHADIK- Colonel Santosh Mahadikwas the Commanding Officer of 41 Rashtriya Rifles; Maratha L.I.He was taking part in an operation that started on November 13, 2015 to flush out terrorists — suspected to be from Lashkar-e-Taiba — hiding in the dense forest of Haji Naka in Jammu and Kashmir’s Kupwara district. Originally from the Special Forces (elite 21st Battalion, The Parachute Regiment), he had earlier been awarded the Sena Medal for exhibiting gallantry and leadership in counter terrorist operations
  5. DR. ASHISH SATAV & DR. KAVITA SATAV-Moved by the pathetic condition of Melghat, Dr. Ashish Satav & Dr. Kavita Satav started the NGO ‘Mahan’ (acronym for M-Meditation, A-AIDS, H-Health, A-De-Addiction, N-Nutrition) in 1997. MAHAN Trust is the only NGO in the Melghat region providing medical care and Health Services to the tribal communities living in that area. MAHAN Trust’s philosophy is to serve the last tribal of Melghat with complete dedicationDr. Ashish Satav, ‘Mahan’ is conferred with ‘Public Health Champion’ award by WHO for ‘Outstanding Contribution to Public Health in Country’ on 7th Apr 2016 at New Delhi. Dr. Kavita Satav, MAHAN is selected for ‘Maharashtra Medical Council’ award 2015. They aim to bring about a positive change in the lives of the tribal of Melghat.
  6. RAJNIKANT MASHELKAR-Rajnikant Mashelkar is a 62 years old lifeguard at Aksa beach who is a soldier without gun. He is responsible for rescuing endangered lives of people who come to enjoy the waves but land up falling prey.
  7. HARAKHCHAND SAWLA- Harakhchand Sawla, now 57, has come a long way when thirty years ago, he left his thriving business and began caring for cancer patients by adopting 25 of them. A young man that time in his thirties would stand on the footpath opposite the famous Tata Cancer Hospital at Mumbai. He was drawn by the fear and miseries on the faces of cancer patients and their relatives. Most of them were very poor who had come from distant places. They knew nothing about the disease and the treatment. Add to this the problem of getting a shelter and food especially for the patients who could not eat spicy dhabha food.
  8. RAMESH VALANJU- Braveheart Ramesh Valanju (40) sacrificed his life while trying to save three college students at Bandra Bandstand.

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And many more Shoorveers were awarded for their act of bravery at “The Shoorveer Awards”