2012 Eclipse live from Queensland in a Cairns Hot Air Balloon

2012 Eclipse live from Queensland in a Cairns Hot Air Balloon


The best place in the world to see the total solar eclipse this week on Diwali, is Cairns, Queensland, Australia. This celestial event will be even more special and a celebration of light, for visitors from all over the world flying in a fleet of 10 hot air balloons to see the eclipse, west of the Great Barrier Reef.


For any late night owls that want to watch the event live, the solar eclipse broadcast will begin at 1.30am IST on Wednesday 14th November and end at 2.45 am Wednesday, with a live webcast of the hot air balloons of the actual eclipse online at www.hotair.com.au   The moment of Totality will occur at 02.07am IST


It’s anticipated that the spectacle of the Australian themed hot air balloons; the Koala, Kangaroo and Aussie balloons in particular, glowing like giant lanterns over the Australian landscape, will be quite extraordinary.

Hot Air Balloon Cairns is popular with Indian clients, with thousands of Indian visitors to Queensland, experiencing floating over the outback and seeing kangaroos from a hot air balloon.

Andrew Steel, Managing Director, has visited the Indian travel industry for many years in New Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Chennai and Bangalore.  Mr Steel said that the honeymoon and family markets from India have truly taken to ballooning and been wonderful passengers to fly, really appreciating the joys of hot air ballooning.

He said, Hot Air Balloon Cairns’ daily flight path, just happens on November 14th 2012, to be one of the prime viewing spots for visitors and  umbraphiles (eclipse chasers), as per predictions by Fred Espenak of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Centre.

It’s expected the balloons will fly to a height of 1000 to 3000 feet above ground level, (plus 900 feet above sea level) dependant on the breeze and conditions on the day. On-board will be visitors from all over Australia and the world, with a team of filmmakers and photographers that will capture the event live and shown atwww.hotair.com.au.

Mr Steel said, with the Eclipse in Cairns on Diwali day, being such a unique balloon festival of light event, he looks forward to many new opportunities from Indian travel agents starting for the  new season.


All Images – Photo Credit – Hot Air Balloon Cairns   Image downloads at www.hotair.com.au/eclipse