1TakeMedia Releases Controvers​ial Short Film DATE 25 Globally.

Leading Distributors of Alternate Content, Announced today the Global Release of Controversial Short Film ‘Date #25’ from Award-Winning Filmmaker Manan Singh Katohora.  *ing Tina Lee Robles, Taimor Ali, Rita Pahwa, Dr Suresh Khetan, Samir Shah, Vicknesh Krishnaswamy, Venu Nakshathram, Nauman Javaid, Tejash Natali, Achal Dua, Arti Singh, and Jacqueline Lopez. Crew includes Pruitt Allen, Reid Fiester, Vick Krishna, Jay Krishnan, John Pratt, Sommer Long, Jeff Katz, Wajid Ali Syed, Craig Fleming, and Jason Dunmore.

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Synopsis: Nina, a South-Asian woman, pushing 30, who meets all these losers online , has pressure from her traditional parents about marriage;  Finally meets a great guy on her 25th experience from this dating website. So does it go as planned?