What is the online ticketing system that people are talking about?

This year, we are introducing an online reservation portal which aims to save the time and effort needed to watch a screening. And do our bit for the environment by saving paper.

The online reservation portal gives all registered and approved delegates access to the 3 venues and screens, allowing them to reserve a screening for a film they would love to watch.

This portal can be used from the comfort of your home and accessed from your pad/tablet,
laptops or mobile phones.

Why do we need this?

In the previous years with our first come first serve free seating method, we noticed that most delegates would spend hours waiting in a line to watch a film and would still be unsure if they would gain entry into the theater. As a result they were unable to attend the activities and workshops that were organized by the festival for them. We would like the delegates to participate in the activities and events as much as they can during the festival week; this system enables all delegates to pre-plan their festival.

Where can we book the tickets?
The link to the reservation portal will be available on the festival website given below.

Reservations will open on Wednesday 16th October 2013 at 6.00 PM IST.
How do we book a ticket?

Once you collect your registration badge you will notice a Registration ID and Password printed on it. These credentials can be used to log into the reservation portal. Once you have logged in, you will see the screening schedule listed according to theater. You can reserve a screening by clicking on the movie name. You have the option to delete a reserved screening.

What if I register on the spot?

Once you register and receive your delegate badge, you will immediately be able to log in and reserve screenings.

Can we book for all the days of the festival?

In the larger interest of all delegates, you will be able to reserve your film two days prior to the schedule screening of that film.

This allows all delegates the opportunity to watch the films they wish to and also help manage cancellations/no show by delegates.

I am not clear. From what time to what time can we book the tickets, 2 days prior the schedule. Can you explain?

There will always be a 2 day window for reserving screenings. This window end time is at 0.00 IST.

For example:

Booking for 18th October 2013.

Portal will open on 17th October 2013 at 00.00 Hrs.
Portal will close on 18th October 2013 at 23.59 PM.

Booking for 19th October 2013.

Portal will open on 17th October 2013 at 00.00 Hrs.
Portal will close on 18th October 2013 at 23.59 PM.

Booking for 20th October 2013.

Portal will open on 19th October 2013 at 00.00 Hrs.
Portal will close on 20th October 2013 at 23.59 PM

Can I book for 2 or more people?

The portal will only allow you to reserve screenings for yourself. Each delegate card allows you to reserve only one booking per film per show at a time.

Can the tickets be booked from my mobile phone?

You can book a screening using your mobile phone. You will be accessing the same web
portal using your mobile.

The portal is not opening. What do I do?
There may be a lot of load on the server. Please wait for 10 minutes and try again.

How many films can I reserve?
You may choose to watch and reserve a maximum of 5 films each day.

Can I reserve 2 films at the same time and watch either one?
No. You will not be allowed to reserve 2 screenings which are playing at the same time slot.

How do we collect our tickets?
Once you have booked your ticket, you will receive an SMS notification of your booking.

You can show this SMS to enter the screening.
You also have the option to print out the ticket and carry it along with you to the venue.

What if the theater is full?
Once all the available seats have been reserved, the portal will inform you that the theater
is full.


What should I carry to the screening?
You must carry your Delegate Badge and the SMS or the printed ticket. Without these 2
requirements you will not be permitted to watch the film.

What time should we reach the screening?
You have to be in your seat at least 10 mins prior to the start of the movie.
If you are not present, the empty seats will be opened to those standing in line.

Do we get allocated seat numbers?
The portal is designed to give you entry to the screening and not to restrict you to a seat.

You are free to sit with your family / friends.

What if I reach late?

If you are not able to reach your seat at least 10 mins prior to the start, your seat will beconsidered as no show and given to those waiting in the queue. What happens when the screening for which I have booked a ticket gets cancelled or postponed?

The reservation is valid for cancelled or postponed films.


I really want to watch a movie but the portal says the theater is full for that movie. What should I do?

You can choose to wait in line and take a chance for no show seats. The festival team cannot guarantee that you will be allowed into the theater.

I don’t mind sitting in the aisle or standing at the back. Can I watch the film?
Unfortunately, overcapacity or sitting in the aisle is not permitted according to the fire and
safety regulations.

We have previously sat in the aisle. Why can’t we sit this time?
This decision is taken by the theater management and authorities, to safeguard your
interests and safety.

The festival will oblige and follow the rules set by them.

What if I lose my mobile? What if I lose my ticket?

You can visit the counters and the volunteers will help you to get a physical copy of the ticket.

What if we can’t book tickets or do not have access to the internet?

We have installed computers at the 3 venues and we have volunteers to help you reserve a film.

The tickets were over but there are reserved seats for the festival guests. Why is that?

The directors, producers and other crew from the films have been invited to watch the film along with the festival delegates. We have obliged to reserve a few seats for them.

Will there be repeat screenings for popular films?

We have tried our best to create the schedule according to the availability of the films from
the directors. The schedule is finalized and will not change. A film may be re-scheduled.

I am not happy with this system; I prefer the First Come First

Serve method. What should I do?

We have spent a lot of effort in developing this portal to benefit you and not to restrict you in any way. We have invited registered applicants to come in and test the portal and on the basis of their views we have decided to introduce this.

We thank you for your continued support and hope that among the many things you love about the festival, this too is one.