14th Mumbai Film Festival join force with AA Khan to fight piracy

14th Mumbai Film Festival join force with AA Khan to fight piracy !


The city’s most eagerly awaited cultural event, the 14th Mumbai Film Festivalpresented by Reliance Entertainment and American Express and organized by the Mumbai Academy of Moving Image, has established a key milestone in the battle against film piracy by joining forces with former Deputy Inspector General of Police and Mumbai-ATS chief A A Khan and engaging the services of AA Khan and Associates, an organization widely considered to be a pioneer in the anti-movie piracy operations in the country.

Setting yet another precedent among film festivals in the Indian subcontinent, this initiative is aimed at creating a tenable contingency measure to protect the interests of film production companies, independent producers, film distributors and cinema operators participating in the Mumbai Film Festival from the ever looming threat of piracy.

Like every other art form in contemporary times, the sustenance of filmmaking also relies on its profits. Today, film piracy has become the biggest and most insidious threat to the future of cinema worldwide. Delinquents have taken to the internet as platform to ensure the systemic destruction of traditional forms of dritribution channels such as DVD’s, cinema halls, etc. consequently denying the creators of the content of their fair share of proceeds and causing a loss of billions of dollars annually worldwide.

What is far more unsettling is that India has won the dubious distinction of being ranked as one of the most thriving markets for film piracy, especially camcording-related operations. While the Government and other concomitant agencies have made progress in developing response procedures to copyright infringement, the notoriety of film piracy in India still manages to discourage filmmakers from submitting their films at film festivals hosted in the country.

The Mumbai Film Festival is committed to combat ‘Piracy at Source’ with the anti-piracy mechanism adopted at its forthcoming edition and endeavors to build a solidarity between India and the international cinematic fraternity.

Mr. Aftab Ahmed Khan, CEO, AA Khan & Associates, Ex. Inspector General & Founder ATS says, “We are proud to partner with MAMI for the prestigious 14th Mumbai Film Festival  and helping them fight the menace of piracy. Over the past decadepiracy in all forms has become quite rampant across the globe and it is important that people, organisations, policy makers as well as keepers of the law work together to eradicate this problem that affects the social and economical ethos of our country and the world.”