101India partners with Channel V and Saavn for Hip Hop Homeland Northeast

101India partners with Channel V and Saavn for Hip Hop Homeland Northeast


Launches the next edition of Hip Hop Homeland bringing together artists from Northeast India~

Youth content portal 101India.com has launched the second edition of its iconic music property Hip Hop Homeland called Hip Hop Homeland Northeast.

This year the property has become bigger with exclusive music videos along with artist profiles, further strengthening the content repertoire. Joining this movement are Channel V and online streaming platform Saavn who are the exclusive broadcast and audio partners, respectively, for the music tracks. Through this arrangement, fans will be able to see the music videos on Channel V and the audio format will be available for streaming on Saavn. The full series will be available on 101India.

Hip Hop Homeland is an on going web series on the burgeoning underground hip hop scene in India. It endorses the voice of the street bringing together artists who embody the hip hop sub culture to express them and has been able to build a strong community of fans.

After a successful stint in North and West, 101India heads to the Northeast with popular rapper Feyago, on a journey to find & collaborate with the best underground hip hop talent from the region. The new series will introduce unique artists and crews like Khasi Bloodz, Symphonic Movement and Cryptographik Street Poets, who use rap as a medium to voice out the real issues they face in their hood.

Commenting on this, Cyrus Oshidar, MD & Chief Creative Officer, 10India.com said, “Hip Hop Homeland aims to provide a platform for powerful self expression & social commentary to young artists.  India is full of talent and a lot of research and thought went into discovering these artists. With the new edition, the property becomes bigger with interesting profiles, riveting music videos and live events. The alliance with Saavn and Channel V is a strategic decision to reach out to a wider base of digital natives and make our movement stronger.”

Commenting on this, Meetal Shah, Director of Brand and Communications, Saavn said, “As an artist centric company, we’re committed to showcase new and growing artists and what better way than to partner with 101India to bring Hip Hop Homeland to our user base. With Saavn continuing to expand and diversify globally, it is critical that our content reflect the increasingly diverse tastes of our listeners”

Speaking about this, Star India Spokesperson, said, “We are very happy to associate with 101India.com for promoting indigenous music content. The part of the series from 101 Hip Hop Homeland Northeast – Anthem & Baul song, bring variety to the music viewers. With a view to create differentiation we will be playing these tracks in our new & exclusive segment “Only on V”.”

Hip Hop Homeland Northeast is now live on Saavn and Channel V.

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