101 Women artists from India, Europe and SAARC Countries

101 Women artists from India, Europe and SAARC Countries to mark International Women’s Week, a charity show  at Coomarswamy Hall, Fort

Women Art Foundation (WAF) brings to you a first of its kind of an art exhibition of high aesthetics and blooming visual creations from April 10 to 15 from 11 a.m. to 7p.m. open for all art lovers, art connoisseurs, scholars and intellectuals.

WAF annual exhibition is the only exhibition in the country to uphold works of more than 201 participating artists.

Rageshwari,Shruti Seth,Dolly Thakur,Manju Lodha and Sangeeta Jindal came for the event .They loved the paintings and wished Punam Salecha all the very best for her great work.

WAF communicated its intention of holding the show on Women’s Day and shortlisted 123 artists using different mediums to express their inner selves. Punam Salecha, the organizer said, ‘as philosopher Immanuel Kant said defining aesthetics that it is perception via senses,’ I believe that every work which has aesthetics in it is a work of art and thus the whole world and its action could be said and believed to be a work of art, therefore no rejection.  However, every show has its own capacity and this year we are bound to hold works of only 123 artists.

The show is named “Lotus Art Show” and will be an interesting mix of elite techniques and forms of art used by women artists around the World. Paintings, installations, videos, ceramics and textiles are all among the various works which will be display at the show.

In anticipation of your presence at the exhibition.