10 pictures that show the real Priyanka behind ‘Mary Kom’

10 pictures that show the real Priyanka behind ‘Mary Kom’

Priyanka Chopra had to undergo 45 days of rigorous training in order to fit the role of ‘Mary Kom’. Even when she was travelling, she had a trainer along with her so as not to miss out on a single day of training. Priyanka had to test her body to the limits in order to achieve the end result. That is a little difficult as she is someone who hardly hits the gym. She was actually taught to act, think and behave like Mary Kom. Here are 10 pictures that will give you an idea of what Priyanka went through those 45 days of extreme hard work to become a hero like Mary Kom.

Pull and push-ups on knuckles, yes!

Priyanka looks determined and ready for action as she does intense push-ups on her knuckles. It is difficult to do this as you don’t get proper balance and the stress on your arms is twice that when you do a normal push up with your palms facing the floor. The director said that they had to get a full time physical trainer to improve her physique like her biceps, wings, shoulders, etc.

Priyanka does the Rocky speed bag training

Check out Priyanka throw some really quick agile punches as she follows in the footsteps of the legendary Rocky’s speed bag training regime. The speed with which she punches the bag proves that she has amazing hand- eye co-ordination. This co-ordination is absolutely needed in a professional boxer.

Punch like PC!

Feel the intensity of Priyanka’s hard-hitting punches as she floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee. Her trainer Hemlata Bagdwal said that for two months they concentrated only on her footwork. They did not allow her to touch the gloves. This was done so that they could give her advice on the technique of boxing and style. Do you think that trainer had to apply a lot of iodex after the training session?

“When beauty meets brawns”, a perfect example portrayed by Priyanka

Priyanka’s gym trainer gave her all kinds of training like strength training, cross- fitness, functional training, endurance training and flexibility training so that she was ready to look like a boxer. The training that was given to Priyanka was by Mary Kom’s actual trainers.

Strength of an Indian woman!

Priyanka displays of immense strength which is proof that women are on par with men. Lifting a wet rope with your arms extended is one of the most difficult workouts. This is because you have to lift it without bending the arms; as a result all the tension is targeted at the shoulder muscles.

Pumping those pecs outdoors

Priyanka’s ripped biceps are a sign of her sheer dedication and unwavering attitude towards her goals. This may look easy, but it isn’t as there is a lot of strain on your biceps and pectoral muscles.

90 degrees on a flagpole is WOW!

Watch Priyanka demonstrate her incredible fitness as she holds the ‘human flagpole pose’. The reason Priyanka could even do this is not only because she has strong arms but also because she has a very strong core which makes it easier for her to lift her lower body.  Would you be able to raise even one leg up?

Push-ups in ice cold river of Manali

Look at the tenacity of Priyanka doing push-ups in ice cold water. This is dangerous because there is a very good chance she could have slipped due to the water and broken a few bones. But looks like she didn’t care much about that and was determined to accomplish her dreams just like the original Mary Kom.  Would you be able to do it?

One can only imagine the amount of pain and energy Priyanka must have gone through to lift these weights. The look on her face in the image only says it all. There is a saying “No pain No Gain” and the gain part can be seen in her ripped biceps. Do you think you have the power or energy to lift these weights like Priyanka?

Priyanka performs the monkey bar exercise effortlessly and with a smile on her face.  She ran, she jumped, she did her squats – she left no stone unturned in her quest to essay the role of Mary Kom.